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2007/01/12 Stadia cars, Rock Church, Kiasma

Posted on January 12, 2007 by daviding

Gary lectured in the Master’s class at Stadia. Since we were nearby, we took Ritva’s invitation to take a look at the cars design and built by the automotive class.

The City Cab is new this year. On this day, the dash had been pulled apart, as they were working on the electronics. The student was explaining the complexity of the electrical wiring in the car, because it’s essentially done by a single individual, and the one-of-a-kind design doesn’t really encourage documentation of every detail

City Cab, Stadia

Stadia has been successful in previous years’ competitions with the Formula engineering car, and has gradually evolved the design. The tradeoffs of wheel size and tire weight were key changes this year.

Formula Engineering car, Stadia

Since Gary and Teri were in Helsinki for only 4 days, I took them on a little walking tour of some sites in the city centre. I had been outside the Rock Church last summer, but haven’t been inside the building since 1979 on a student tour.

Rock Church interior

Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art is one of my favourite places. On my first visit, I was watching a documentary on the architect, Steven Holl, on phenomenology and the philosophy of perception. The arc of the ramp upwards is an interesting experience.

Gary and Teri at Kiasma

We started on the third floor, and worked our way down through the museum. Here’s the view from top, down.

Looking down from the upper floor at Kiasma

My prior trips to Kiasma have been entirely enjoyable, but this visit was disappointing. The featured exhibits on landscapes didn’t involve me, as had some of the prior works that I had seen.

We wandered in and out of a number of downtown restaurants looking for dinner, and happened to find the Pikku-Nepal restaurant, where I had come on one of my early visits to Helsinki. I got Teri’s story about the visit to the NTL, that I had previous heard from Gary … but Teri was a subject of the workshop, whereas Gary was more of an observer.

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  1. Adam says:

    how are you taking these types of pictures? do you have a really wide angle or are you doing that thing where you take half a picture then another half

  2. daviding says:

    Definitely wide angle, in a single shot. I’m using a Sony DSC-R1 with a zoom lens that is 24mm at the wide end. I’ve always tried to get cameras with at least a 28mm lens, whereas the standard cameras are 35mm wide.

    I think that the average camera buyer gets wowed by telephoto zoom lenses, but my experience tells me that wide angle lenses win. When you want to get closer, your feet may substitute for a telephoto lens, but when the room is small, there’s no place left to back up!

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