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2006/08/27 Rock church, Helsinki

I’ve been going back and forth to Finland since the beginning of 2003. I’ve stayed with the grace of friends (Simo, Minna and Petri) in Espoo (the suburb immediately to the west of Helsinki), and at the hotel at the edge of the HUT campus in Otaniemi.

On this particular trip, with funding from IBM Research for the trip, I made reservations in some corporate apartments in the city center. The first part of the stay was in an apartment behind the National Museum of Finland, and within walking distance of Kamppi (the central bus station)

Annaleena hosted me for lunch, and just on way back, we walked by the Rock Church. Helsinki is a relatively small city, but I really haven’t had the opportunity to see the local sites … since my high school Grade 12 visit in 1979!

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