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2024/06 Moments June 2024

Summer jazz at the Distillery District, in Washington DC while at the annual systems conference, and then Toronto Jazz Festival
Toronto, Ontario; Washintton, DC

Distillery District:Arrived in time for second set with @marigoldjazz jazz-funk collective, based in Toronto. Song titled Folk Song, style in the broad range of the Bourbon Street North Festival. Took the short bike ride over the Don River for exercise, a musical break for lunchtime. (Distillery District, Mill Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240603

Distillery District:: After rainy morning, warm and bright lunchtime concert by @MarigoldBandOfficial. Rows of bench seats down front, shaded tables to the west. Part of the Bourbon Street North festival running daytimes for the first half of June. (Distillery District, Mill Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240603

Maple Leaf Lounge, U.S. transborder, Pearson International Airport
Maple Leaf Lounge, U.S. transborder, Pearson International Airport: Found a bright window with a view of the CN Tower, way in the distance. Low stress transfer to airport today, took Lyft to UP Express on a Saturday. Extra early I’m the lounge, enjoying the food, seemingly low on wheat products, there must be a lot of gluten sensitive travelers. (Maple Leaf Lounge, U.S. transborder, Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario) 20240608

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport:: Walkway between DCA Terminal 1 and 2 has photographs of USO activities on the south wall, and artwork to the north. Bill Renc (2019) Moonlight White House is one of the pieces in the Springtime in Washington exhibition. Saturday night at the airport is rather quiet, as was the Metro ride until we crossed the Potomac River, and saw rainbow wrist bands and painted skin for Pride weekend. (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, District of Columbia) 20240608

Third Street Art Garden:: Sunday morning walk through the NoMa district, encountered large mural behind chain link fence. Redevelopment of former industrial lands means many condominium towers where occupants need more open spaces. Unfortunate choice of artificial grass to cover grounds, shade trees would be nice in the muggy summer. (Third Street Art Garden, NoMa district, Washington, DC) 20240609

Eastern Market:: Sunday morning lineup for lunch counter in historical public market first opened in 1873, then renovated after a fire in 2007. In the Capitol Hill district, the single corridor offerings of meat and cheese seems to attract local residents. Outside the building, temporary stalls under a permanent awning has merchants hawking local fruit and vegetables. (Eastern Market, 7th Street SE, Capitol Hill district, Washington, DC) 20240609

Hirshhorn Museum
Hirshhorn Museum: In the modern art collection of the Smithsonian Institution, Giacomo Ball (1918-1925 / reconstructed 1968) Futurist Flowers, made of wood and paint. Collected in the Josephn H. Hirschhorn Bequest in 1981. Gallery focuses mostly on the acquisitions of a single benefactor, spanning modern years, and not into the contemporary 21st century. (Hirschhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institute, Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC) 20240609
Open Gov Hub
Open Gov Hub: Late Sunday afternoon welcome by president to 68th Annual Meeting of the @ISSSMeeting International Society for the System Sciences. First fully hybrid convening, about the same number of attendees in person and online. Conference officially starts on Monday morning, preconference session was already running all day. (Open Gov Hub, 13th Avenue NW, Washington, DC) 20240609
Family Ethiopian Restaurant
Family Ethiopian Restaurant: With foodies online recommending local Ethiopian cuisine as outstanding, we chose to not join the conference crowd for pub fare. We asked for least spicy dishes, and were advised towards alicha wot lamb, asa tibs tilipia, and platter with 4 veggie choices. Flavourful seasoning easy on the stomach, friendly and attentive service in modest decor. (Family Ethiopian Restaurant, 9th Street NW, Washington, DC) 20240609
Open Gov Hub
Open Gov Hub: Presented Resequencing Systems Thinking: Systems Changes Learning at Year 6 of 10 at @ISSSMeeting the 68th Annual Meeting of the . Reduced slides from 4-hour lecture at UHull last month to about 1/3 for the 30 minute slot in session on Research into General Systems Theory. Friendly in-person audience asked questions, online observers can find the slides and papers at https://coevolving.com/commons/publications . (Open Gov Hub, 13th Street NW, Washington, DC) 20240610

Tonic at Quigleys:: Patio outside east side of restaurant Tuesday night jam, started with drums, bass, and vocals, then sax and guitar showed up. Welcoming musicians rotating on and off. Casual change of pace by GWU campus, away from downtown full conference day, when we can put our brains to rest (Tonic at Quigley’s, G Street West, Washington, DC) 20240611

Open Gov Hub
Open Gov Hub: Relational Science session @ISSSMeeting led by @JudithLRosen in-person + online, had 3 ex-presidents, 2 ex-VPs, and 3 SIG chairs active in conversation. Prerequisite deep knowledge of systems theory had a series of casual visitors drop in, listen for a few minutes, and then wander off to other rooms. When mathematical biology intercepts questions of information, consciousness. and non-Western philosophy, there’s few alternative venues for inquiry. (Open Gov Hub, 13th Street NW, Washington, DC) 20240612
Open Gov Hub
Open Gov Hub: Systemic inquiry convened by and , kicked off by . Plenary and table group discussions on organizations (out of many) changing the institutional landscape. Enlarged group in between meeting finished yesterday, and running into next week. (Open Gov Hub, 13th Street NW, Washington DC) 20240614

Chinese-American Museum DC:: Chinese Buddhist Art: statue Ruping Liu “Guanyin Bodhisattva of Compassion”; banner paintings depicting deities and sages in Buddhist, Daoist and Confucianist pantheons and the suffering; and statue Ruping Liu, “Maitrea, Buddha of the Future-. On third of fourth floor, more religious and cultural of the old country, than the story on the first floor of the 1882 Chinese railway workers finally receiving recognition. Building only opens a few days per week, hope that exhibitions will be enriched on subsequent visits. (Chinese-American Museum DC, 16th Street NW, Washington, DC) 20240613

College Street at Euclid Avenue:: Spontaneous couples @TOLitleItaly dancing to @micheldequevedo Michel Dequevedo Quartet featuring @ericstlaurent Eric St. Laurent on guitar. . Unsure whether the drummer was making a joke when he said one dancer was his sister. In the next tune, his father visiting from Mexico joined the band to sing. (Taste of Little Italy, College Street at Euclid Avenue, Toronto, Ontario) 20240615

Distillery District:: Last day of Bourbon Street North at Distillery District, with @AlisonYoungSax Band, with @alexisbaro7494 trumpet solo on I Don’t Know. Large weekend crowd appreciating the traditional jazz feel, with bead necklaces thrown from stage emulating Mardi Gras throws. Chosen instrumentation gives a different feel, with string bass, wind instruments and drums as acoustic, and only the piano synthesized for performance practicalities. (Distillery District, Mill Street, Toronto, Ontairo) 20240616

Very Fair Seafood Cuisine
Very Fair Seafood Cuisine: Early dinner for Father’s Day, including 2 lb lobster. Disappointed at limited menu choices, and lack of English-speaking staff. Sons played mahjong with grandfather earlier in the afternoon, he still enjoys the game. (Very Fair Seafood Cuisine, Milliken Boulevard, Scaroborough, Ontario) 20240616
Galata Turkish Restaurant
Galata Turkish Restaurant: Double date, they’re no longer considered newlyweds after a year of marriage. We attended their wedding, this was a better time to have a real conversation. Dinner split between those who enjoy spicy food, and those who don’t. (Galata Turkish Restaurant, Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario) 20240619

Village of Yorkville Park: Late Sunday afternoon @TorontoJazzFest concert with @moodsetmusic, @alexa.belgrave keyboards, @jacqteh vocals, @calebklager bass, @daereiznekcam drums, and sitting in on trumpet. Song “Who do you love” is their first single. Fenced-in area was quite full, a cheer from the students at the rear portrays some previous exposure to the band. (Village of Yorkville Park, Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240623

Village of Yorkville Park: Monday afternoon @TorontoJazzFest concert @homzya on violin, leading Aline’s Étoile Magique with @michael_vibes vibes, @MaritoMarques drums, @danielrfortin bass, and @isthisthomas guitar. The style of the song Caraway is influenced by Jean-Luc Ponty, although violin and vibraphone is a unique combination. Weekday audience is smaller than on weekends, more casual street bands playing on the sidewalks. (Village of Yorkville Park, Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240624

Victoria University Quadrangle: Tuesday afternoon @torontojazzfest trio with @laolanopiano23 piano, solo by bass and drummer . Part of the Cuban night program on the TD Main Stage. Relaxed audience lounging on a cloudy day. (Victoria University Quadrangle, Queen’s Park Crescent, Toronto, Ontario) 20240625

Village of Yorkville Park: Tuesday evening @torontojazzfest concert led by @SanahKadoura on drums, @luisdenizsax sax, @ewenfarncombe keyboards, bass, @MonekaTara vocals. Song “The Geminis” from the album Duality. Music gets cultural crossover with Arabic language, but only one audience member recognized the call for a dance. (Village of Yorkville Park, Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240625

Village of Yorkville Park: Outro by of Bluff, alto sax, #ClaireDevlin‪ tenor sax, bass, drums, arriving at @torontojazzfest‬ earlier in the day from Calgary. Switching from alto sax to bass clarinet produced tones that otherwise might have thought as synthesizer. Unusual to hear a band without guitar or keyboards. (Village of Yorkville Park, Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240629

Village of Yorkville Park: Closing show of tour by @AnthonyFDrums Quartet, playing The Valley, with sax solo by @Daynasound, on piano, @luca_alemanno on bass. Sunday night ends @torontojazzfest‬ for 2024. Hometown musician from Richmond Hill, now based in Los Angeles. (Village of Yorkville Park, Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240630

2021/06 Moments June 2021

Early summer weather, with a city gradually emerging from pandemic shutdown orders given by the Province of Ontario.
Toronto, Ontario

Riverdale Farm
Riverdale Farm: Lamb looking off into the woods, meditating, while the rest of the crowd is busy grazing. In the pen, the mature sheep are wearing thick coats, due for shearing. The farm is still closed for the pandemic shutdown, only a view visitors outside on a sunny morning. (Riverdale Farm, Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20200601
Commerce Court
Commerce Court: Bronzes cast by #DerrickStephanHudson (2002) Tembo, Mother of Elephants, on loan from collection of #LouOdette. The life-sized cow, trailed by two calves, was scaled up the smaller statues originally collected from Florida. In the mixture of a 1931 Beaux Arts north tower, the three 1983 towers west east and south by I.M. Pei have the wildlife headed for the pond and fountain. (Commerce Court, Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20210602
Laneway, Leslieville
Laneway, Leslieville: Project by @lanewayproject seems complete, with stripe replacing drab pavement, south of Queen Street East, from Logan Avenue eastbound towards Morse Street. Proposed as the “Leslieville Laneway Park-Ing”, did I miss an official launch, or are we awaiting pandemic reopening? This byway is not yet named, while the next block west is Louis Kesten Lane. (Laneway south of Queen Street East, from Logan Avenue east to Morse Street, Leslieville, Toronto, Ontario) 20200604
391 Yonge Street
391 Yonge Street: Not an art installation, but three concrete piers with rebar in a gravel field, for reuse from the prior building? From the 1950s to 1970s, Bassel’s Restaurant was a classy pre-theatre diner, taking up 3 storefronts on Yonge Street. Hoardings now block the view of 3 Gerrard Street East, as the YSL (Yonge Street Living) Residences site as been abandoned, and Cresford Development is in receivership. From O’Keefe Lane, the open pit construction deepens to the south, frozen in time. (391 Yonge Street, 3 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Ontario) 20210605
Lower Don Recreation Trail
Lower Don Recreation Trail: Bike path partially obstructed by construction crew working in a small trench extending south under Lakeshore Boulevard East under steel plates, into the Port Lands proper. Gardiner Extension still looms overhead. (Lower Don Recreation Trail, East Harbour, Toronto, Ontario) 20200607
Jeff’s No Frills
Jeff’s No Frills: Second jab of AstraZeneca vaccine, in the same grocery store pharmacy as the first immunization 12 weeks ago. In the 15-minute observation period, I could feel my pulse rising, and slight headache starting. Appointment was punctual, with no other patients before or after me. Taking 2 days off work, in case of side effects. (Loblaws Pharmacy at Jeff’s No Frills, Carlaw Avenue, Riverdale, Toronto, Ontario) 20210609
Toronto Coach Terminal
Toronto Coach Terminal: Morning sunshine streams through skylights of the platform bays in the intercity bus terminal built in the Art Deco style in 1931. Greyhound service ceased in May 2020, and the lease on the building expires in July 2021. Peeking in front windows, the waiting room was vacant, with just one security guard in the unlit space. (Toronto Coach Terminal, Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20210611
Dufferin Grove Park
Dufferin Grove Park: Variety of cobblestones on the figure-eight #JennaMorrison Memorial Reflexology Foot Path, installed in 2014. Handrails around each loop allow walkers to maintain balance while getting feet massaged, but toddlers and children don’t seem to need them. Park is cool and shady on a hot day early in summer. (Dufferin Grove Park, Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20210612
Distillery District
Distillery District: Spring Stations exhibition by #JackLeather + #CharlieLeather (2021) From Small Beginnings had white pine saplings on lower shelves, that visitors must have taken home for replanting. When the installation ends, the wood slats will be reused for something else. Competition winners originally were to be shown for Winter Stations at Woodbine Beach, deferred with the pandemic shutdown. (Gristmill Lane, Distillery District, Toronto, Ontario) 20210615
Riverside neighbourhood
Riverside neighbourhood: Saturday afternoon family garage band, as sons asked what I wanted to do pre-Father’s Day. Nephew has been convening Wednesday night jam band in nearby studio, so we took the opportunity to play in daylight, with pizza for dinner. Since son has taken over bass I haven’t played in over 35 years, I’ve indulged in getting a red Roland Go Keys GO-61K, and am learning songs popular post year 2000. (Riverdale neighbourhood, Toronto, Ontario) 20200619 Photo by DY.
138 D'Arcy Street
138 D’Arcy Street: Spadina Chinatown #CommunityFridge @cf___to woefully empty, as it was in a visit a few weeks ago. Arrival on bicycle today had group of elderly Chinese ladies coming out, even before I could open the cabinet door. Cross-town commute is extra exercise, passing over the 348 Pape Avenue location where the fridge has sadly been removed. (138 D’Arcy Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20200620
RendezViews: Morning calm @RendezViewsTO patio converted from parking lot designed by @CollectiveBrew, view south to CN Tower, southwest to glass towers of Simcoe Place and Festival Tower. By late afternoon, crowds seeking beverages and camaraderie will fill the gated area. Surrounding streets are blocked with road construction encourage pedestrians. (RendezViews, Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario) 20210622

Queen Street East at Logan Avenue
Queen Street East at Logan Avenue: Overhead wires have been at this city intersection since the 1880s, presumable replaced many times over. Second truck parked across the street was detaching cables, the poles further east have neater braids. This tough urban streetscape might be improved by burying underground, but one block south used to be a marsh, suggesting geological as well as economic practicalities. (Queen Street East at Logan Avenue, Riverside neighbourhood, Toronto, Ontario) 20210628

2020/09 Moments September 2020

Discovering more of the neighbourhood, bicycling mostly in the mornings.
Toronto, Ontario

Philosopher’s Walk
Philosopher’s Walk: Placid footpath following contour of Taddle Creek, east of Trinity College and west of the Faculty of Music, attracts pedestrians after work, and dogs with their walkers. This week would normally be the calm before students move into residences, and the campus coming alive. New school term will surely see new protocols. (Philosopher’s Walk, Queen’s Park Circle, University of Toronto) 20200901
Jimmie Simpson Park
Jimmie Simpson Park: Physically distanced conversation with @cdnorman, updating each other on projects. So many years of electronic communications, to discover he walks by my street almost every day. Park bench is a convenient plan while the weather is favourable. (Jimmie Simpson Park, Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario) 20200903
Warden Woods Hydro Corridor
Warden Woods Hydro Corridor: Footpath between Pidgeon Street and Chestnut Crescent connects two residential neighbourhoods with townhouses backing onto the hydro towers. West side is new townhouses, east side is more established detached houses. Found cycling route as a detail on map, to avoid street descending into St. Clair Ravine and then having to climb out again. (Warden Woods Hydro Corridor, Pidgeon Street to Chestnut Crescent, Scarborough, Ontario) 20200905
Nathan Phillips Square
Nathan Phillips Square: Quiet and cool Labour Day morning, found city plaza devoid of both tourist visitors and civic workers. Barricades at edge of pond discourage contaminants in water. Feels like autumn is arriving soon. (Nathan Phillips Square, Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario) 20200907
Front Street East
Front Street East: Turned faucet handle, no water. Unlikely location for public tap, presumably of potable water, in the median between eastbound and westbound lanes of traffic. Is this an artifact of the Old Town, before indoor plumbing became common? (Front Street East, east of Church Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20200908
Artscape Distillery Studios
Artscape Distillery Studios: On Case Goods Lane, #distillerywisdom installation invites visitors to write memories on wooden plaques to be hung, or on small stones placed at the base of a cylindrical frame. Messages left by participants from many parts of the world, and in many languages. Art that changes daily, and is durable in weather fair and fowl. (Art Distillery Studios, Case Goods Lane, Distillery District, Toronto, Ontario) 20200911
Lakeview Park
Lakeview Park: Bright Saturday day trip westbound, as opportunity for outdoor date with social distancing. Sunflowers were planted in rows, by developers as phytoremediators to purify the soil by absorbing toxins. Site of Lakeview Generating Station, demolished in 2007. (Lakeview Park, Lakefront Promenade, Mississauga, Ontario) 20200912
Riverdale Farm
Riverdale Farm: Since 1975, the old zoo has been domesticated, hence the flock of sheep now part of the urban park. Immediate vegetation is overgrazed, as animals are restricted to the pen. Many toddlers and preschoolers guided by elders, routes now clearly marked with arrows to reduce human collisions. (Riverdale Farm, Winchester Street, Cabbagetown, Toronto, Ontario) 20200914
Metro Hall
Metro Hall: About half of the 17 bronze rabbit-dog sculptures #CynthiaShort 1992 Remembered Sustenance, originally installed expecting that children might play with them. Small grass parkette is popular with dogs and walkers, who seem to ignore the figures. Just south of the theatre district, where the stages are dark. (Metro Hall, Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario) 20200915
Villiers Street
Villiers Street: Unplanned encounter of #VidIngelevics #RyanWalker Framework installation @ContactPhoto with photomural of 130 Commissioners Street of January 2020. The Lower Don Lands is now under major construction, with streets blocked and fenced properties with warning signs. Bicycling is/was the best way to view the display from August 2020 to April 2021. (Villers Street, Toronto Portlands) 20200916
Concord CityPlace
Concord CityPlace: From Front Street West, Puente de Luz (Bridge of Light) pedestrian bridge spans north to south corresponding to Canada and Chile of sculptor #FranciscoGazitua. Installed in 2012, bicyclists and pedestrians can cross over to Canoe Landing Park and Concord CityPlace. Inspired by nature, skeletons and armatures are bridges. (Puente de Luz, Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario) 20200918
Bala Rail Underpass
Bala Rail Underpass: In the mouth-of-the-Don district, a passage fot pedestrians and bicyclists from the Lower Don River Trail westbound towards Corktown Commons. On The Canadian passenger train from Union Station 4 days to Vancouver, the next step is Washago, and then Parry Sound. Constructed in 2007, the interior murals painted for the PanAm games in 2015 have faded, with external clearance hazards now more prominent. (Bala Rail Underpass, Lower Don River Trail, Toronto, Ontario) 20200921
Lane South Queen East Knox
Lane South Queen East Knox: Wrought iron sign of Ye Olde Blacksmith Shoppe has entry fence locked up, with shell of a building to the south. This laneway seems to be one of many in Toronto yet to be named, running dead end into TTC Russell Carhouse at Connaught Street first established in 1916. Entry to the building northbound from Minto Street is obstructed by a prominent fire hydrant. (Lane South Queen East Knox, Leslieville, Toronto, Ontario) 20200923

Unwin Avenue
Unwin Avenue: Industrial age rail leading to space age satellites? Tracks rarely used from Toronto Container Port to the southwest, curve north beyond fence parallel to Leslie Street, then westbound alongside Lakeshore Boulevard as Keating Yard. Earth stations that upload and download broadcast television video, and Internet to rural and remote areas on land leased from the city, will be moved to another Ontario location before year’s end. (Unwin Avenue, Toronto Portlands, Ontario) 20200928
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