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2009/02/23 Shinshiba, Tokyo

Since Tamachi station and Mita station are north and east of the hotel where we normally stay, the  morning commutes to the university are a regular walk that way.  I decided to take a roundabout route east and south to look around, on the way to Tamachi station.

The area is called Shinshiba. Looking west, the towers — it’s hard to judge whether they’re offices or apartments — are built up to the edge of the canal.


To these southwest, the pedestrian bridge is painted pink.


I followed the main road to walk south over a bridge.  On subsequent walks, I discovered a Hanamasa supermarket further down this road.  Beyond that, there’s more highrises.


Following the main road, I turned east at the pedestrian crosswalk at the traffic lights.


Ot the souteast corner of the next major intersection, the old location of the Shibaura Institute of Technology has been vacated and not yet replaced with a new tenant.


On the northeast corner, there are restaurants on higher floors of that tower.


Walking north, I again crossed the canal.  Looking eastward, the buildings are so built up so that I expect that shadows are cast on the water almost all day.


I approached Shibaura Unga Dori, and could see the Shibuaura trains station behind.  My usual route takes me west to the hotel.


Near the corner, I noticed a map of the area.  The blue is a reminder of the relative proximity to Tokyo Bay.


Approaching Tamachi station, the restaurants had lunch displays out, both for dining in and for takeout.


The Shibaura neighbourhood doesn’t seem to be a destination for tourists.  The apartments and offices in the area demonstrate mixed use planning, so there are always feet on the street both day and night.

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