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Mon. Dec. 5, 2005: Blogging off

Posted on December 05, 2005 by daviding

David gets signals of overload, and decides to retreat from blogging.

Well, I guess I’ve found my limits.

The combination of a return from a two-week non-vacation, jumping back into a consulting engagement two weeks underway, two appointments for dental restoration, plus a request for a referral to an opthamologist — that has resulted in my doctor requesting a physical, and ordering blood work that may have had complications — put me into bed for most of the weekend.

It looks like I’ll have to take lifestyle change seriously, and this includes spending less time on the computer (and maybe more on exercising).

Thus, I’ve done enough blogging to understand a lot of the dynamics of technology, and have obtained a learning of how it works. I’ll be sticking to Wikis!

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  1. Adam says:

    You could send me emails instead. Or get Ma to send me emails. Although I don’t always reply, they DO help

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