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2007/05/05 I cut class at the Kellogg alumni reunion

Posted on May 05, 2007 by daviding

For the 25th reunion of the Kellogg class of 1982, the program had Saturday morning lectures scheduled. Between my day job and my grad studies, I visit a graduate business school event at least once per month. I showed up early for breakfast in the lounge, but when the lectures started … I decided that I would rather just hang out and talk with Amy and Gwen for a few hours.

In the reunion lounge, with Amy and Gwen

We all did go to hear the talk by Dean Dipak Jain, on the state of the school, and his vision for the future. The Kellogg School certainly isn’t resting on its laurels, and is continuing to advance its worldwide presence through global alliances.

Dean Dipak Jain

After Dean Jain’s talk, the combined (i.e. every 5-year anniversary) alumni classes all posed for a photograph on Deering Meadow, and then we had a barbeque lunch under the big tent. Ex-prez Ron made the good suggestion that we move back to the lounge, so that we could hear each other speak.

Conversations in the lounge

For longest distance travelled, George came in from Hong Kong, and coordinated with John to come in from Taiwan.

Conversations in the lounge

There’s more pictures of conversation in the lounge on the Kellogg1982 web site.

Dinner was at Fulton’s on the River, down in the Loop. I’ve posted snapshots of the people at every table on the Kellogg1982 web site. One significant attendee was Diana, who flew in from Los Angeles, after others from my class contacted her based on my blogging about seeing her in the office in Glendale.

Dinner at Fulton’s on the River

At my table, spirits were high … and behaviour might have been judged as below our chronological age (at least by our children).

Fulton’s on the River, napkin

Most everyone stayed until after midnight. There were a few people at the breakfast at the Allen Center the next morning, where we had the opportunity to discuss the ups and downs in our lives more privately.

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2 to “2007/05/05 I cut class at the Kellogg alumni reunion”

  1. Pierreo says:

    Sounds like it was a fun reunion. In some ways, I am sorry to miss these events – in others, I know that I usually do not enjoy such parties, preferring more ‘private’ reunions with a smaller group of people.
    It may seem amazing that, excluding the airport (where I have been too often and spent way too much time), I have only been to Chicago twice since I left Northwestern, once on my way through to New-York in 1982 and once for New-Year in 1997-98.
    Strange – considering how pleasant a city Chicago can be.

  2. KarenB says:

    makes me almost wish I went to Kellogg….you still look like a baby despite long standing alumnus status!!

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