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David Ing, at large … Sometimes, my mind wanders


Welcome to the blog at David Ing … at large.

“At large” is an apt descriptive based on the Online Entymology Dictionary:

large “broad, wide,” from L. largus “abundant, copious, plentiful, liberal,” of unknown origin.  Main modern meaning “extensive, big” emerged c.1300. An older sense of “liberated, free” is preserved in at large (1399). Adj. phrase larger-than-life first attested 1937 (bigger than life is from 1641).

On other web sites, I have collaborators. On this one, there’s no one to blame but myself.

I am active under a number of personas:

I’ve had the distinction of being profiled on Wikipedia.

This blog is the most individual persona …. If you’re interested in something more professional, try one of the other web sites above!

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