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@ Perfect Chinese Restaurant 雅瓊海鮮酒家 - Peking Duck and lobster at unusual at lunch, but since son #1 here while American Thanksgiving, extra holiday season

November 25th

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@ Historic Distillery District - Finding small exhibits on Distillery history overlooked on previous visits. Wondering why the district is not more engaging. Feels closed in
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Corkin Gallery on Flickr.Stone...
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Corkin Gallery

November 24th

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Published Asia Bakery.
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@ Asia Bakery - Record high of 18 degrees C plunging to 1 gave small window for biking in daylight as rain left wet streets. Fresh flat bread for pizza now
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Crowd outside Jim’s Res...
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Crowd outside Jim's Restaurant

November 23rd

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November 22nd

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November 21st

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Ryan was honoured to receive the Killin Family Award for leadership in the Business Technology Management program at Ryerson University.

November 20th

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Published Hana Korea.
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@ Hana Korea - Showing up friends trying to pick up soft tofu with chopsticks, but they're observant and learn quickly.
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Systems Thinking Onta...
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Systems Thinking Ontario, Nov 2014

November 17th

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Conferences at the University of Oslo and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design allowed a day to visit the Norwegian Folk Museum and the Astrup Fearnley Museum.
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@ Ted Rogers School of Management - Awards night at Ryerson, @ryan_ing receiving Killen Family Award for leadership and entrepreneurship in Business Tech Management program

November 15th

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Published Marks.
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@ Marks - Buying corduroy pants, because the temperature in dipping. Still bicycling above zero degrees, but in mid afternoon daylight.

November 14th

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@ Queen Street Dental Centre - One less molar. Wanted to wait until Feb, when dental coverage is back, but infection was spreading rapidly. Bone graft, so cadaver in mouth

November 12th

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November 10th

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@ St. Andrew Poultry - Market has changed, @standrewpoultry all renovated, clean and shiny. Not the store I remember from years past, can still buy fresh chicken!

November 6th

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Published Michaels.
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@ Michaels - Making an almost unnecessary trip to put miles on the car, after mechanic says drive cycle needed for Drive Clean check.

November 5th

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Published Canada Computers.
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@ Canada Computers - Buying hard drive and enclosure to fix laptop in Iowa in a few weeks. Prices in Toronto are competitive, I can bike cross town for exercise

November 4th

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@ South Riverdale Community Centre - After hours flu clinic free in Ontario, an annual event with DY. Kids older, so risk lower, but good precaution. I expect a sore arm, later.

November 3rd

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1:22am via IngBrief
A designerly approach is contrasted with a scientific approach or an artistic approach by Erik Stolterman, Professor Informatics, Indiana University. Here’s some excerpts from the video hangout with CHI Belgium posted at http://youtu.be/zDrmzC8...

November 2nd

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@ Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant - Another clan dinner, suits NPI: chicken, fish, shrimp, no pork, no beef. Sweet tofu pudding for dessert.

October 31st

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Moments, October 2014

October 30th

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New streetcar tracks on Flickr....
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New streetcar tracks

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