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December 18th

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Danforth Ave. w. of Woodi...
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Danforth Ave. w. of Woodington
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Fumio Kodama defines articulation with systems concepts of synthesis and analysis: The word “articulate” has two conflicting meanings:  (1) to divide into parts and (2) to put together by joints.13  Thus, the word encompasses two opposite c...

December 17th

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Journalism is not manufacturing content, says @jeffjarvis, but instead is a service. Social journalism then becomes a new degree program in the age of the Internet. Interviewed by @dweinberger. [00:00 Jeff Jarvis] When I started writing — I look...

December 13th

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Eastern Iowa Airport, pier ...
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Eastern Iowa Airport, pier C

December 12th

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December 10th

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Bookstore pizza on Flickr.Rel...
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Bookstore pizza

December 8th

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Cattle grazing on Flickr.On th...
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Cattle grazing

December 7th

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After School Matters i...
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Terminal C, security check After School Matters installation
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IAH Terminal C, security ...

December 6th

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Family wedding celebration
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Windsor Parks Lakes Family wedding celebration
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Windsor Parks Lakes on Flickr.

December 5th

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@ The Menil Collection - After visit to Museum off Contemporary Art Houston one floor in change, Rice U gallery vacant, Menil Collection building more fun than art
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Party sushi on Flickr.Family from...
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Shared Party sushi.
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Party sushi

December 4th

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County Line Bbq on Flickr.Bee...
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County Line Bbq

December 3rd

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@ Collective Status Boutique - Walking around 6th Street, @eric_ing noticed @collectivestatus store. Made a purchase for a gift for a friend back home. Just off the plane.
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Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Austin, TX
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Maple Leaf Lounge Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Austin, TX Maple Leaf Lounge
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Maple Leaf Lounge on Flickr.
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@ Maple Leaf Lounge - Sharing breakfast queue with @MargaretAtwood. The Canadian thing to do is to leave her alone. Our flight delay now back on time

November 30th

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Moments in November 2014, around Toronto. (No air travel!)

November 27th

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@ Perfect Chinese Restaurant 雅瓊海鮮酒家 - Peking Duck and lobster at unusual at lunch, but since son #1 here while American Thanksgiving, extra holiday season

November 25th

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@ Historic Distillery District - Finding small exhibits on Distillery history overlooked on previous visits. Wondering why the district is not more engaging. Feels closed in
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Corkin Gallery on Flickr.Stone...
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Corkin Gallery

November 24th

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Published Asia Bakery.
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@ Asia Bakery - Record high of 18 degrees C plunging to 1 gave small window for biking in daylight as rain left wet streets. Fresh flat bread for pizza now
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Crowd outside Jim’s Res...
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Crowd outside Jim's Restaurant

November 23rd

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November 22nd

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