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Systemic Design track at I...
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Systemic Design track at ISSS

July 27th

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Key Bridge from Rosslyn on F...
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Key Bridge from Rosslyn

July 26th

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Skylights, Library of Con...
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Skylights, Library of Congress Niagara Falls from the Rainbow Bridge
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@ Library of Congress - Reference librarian at LoC confirmed no 1967. Christopher Alexander Pattern Manual. Most visitors in DC sightseeing, not looking for books
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Published Midtown Scholar.
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@ Midtown Scholar - Book not on shelf. While staff rechecked, cafe patron said he bought 3 days ago. Went home, got copy, gave to me, warehouse order for him
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Niagara Falls from...

July 24th

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@ Dr. Edward Chow, Optometrist - Slow optometry appointment. More astigmatism. Diagnosed cell migration and fibrosis in eye that had cataract surgery. Elder problem

July 23rd

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Published Terminal 1.
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@ Terminal 1 - Flew from Krakow to Frankfurt to be 2 hours closer to home. Can overnight, and catch morning flight to Toronto. Hope to sleep past 5:30 a.m.
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Krakow airport construction
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Krakow airport construction

July 22nd

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Jagiellonian U 6...
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Jagiellonian U 600th Anniversary campus

July 20th

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@ MOCAK Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej w Krakowie - Could Polish museums lighten up? Afternoon of war and oppression, then "Crimes in Art" exhibit. Contrast to sunny day outside. Disturbing!
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Desk at Schindler’s Factor...
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Desk at Schindler's Factory

July 19th

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Barbican, Krakow on Flickr.T...
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Barbican, Krakow
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Published Katedra Wawelska.
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@ Katedra Wawelska - Devout praying by chapel of John Paul at Wawel Cathedral with Jim Kyoichi

July 18th

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Farm north of Krakow on Flickr....
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Farm north of Krakow
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@ Warszawa Centralna - Misdirections to Warsaw train station corrected by locals. Waited at bus stop now closed. Elevator not working. Man confirmed platform ok

July 17th

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@ Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski - Contemporary art center features many video installations, plus other artifacts. In middle of park

July 16th

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Warsaw Centralna station
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@ Warszawa Centralna - S3 train from Chopin Airport to Warsaw Centralna station sorry short but slow. Bought ticket for Krakow on Friday, office for English

July 15th

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@ Air Canada Flight AC 872 - Preoccupied printing maps of Warsaw and Krakow, rushed down and found comp upgrade to lie down seats. Planning to sleep to Frankfurt

July 11th

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@ Harbourfront Centre - Watching Suite Suite Chinatown video with love musicians @Harbourfront. Starts psychedelic. Flashback to the 1960s, but I wasn't there.
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July 9th

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@ Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) - Visiting for #DwDTO preamble, but biking back home to edit a paper from RSD2. Needed an exercise destination, home only for 8 days in July

July 8th

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@ Alliance Cinemas - The Beach - Tuesday matinée of escapist fun watching Ton Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow. Emily Blunt surprisingly ripped

July 7th

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Published Ends.
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@ Ends - Bike ride to closeout store for guy shopping. Still phoned home to ask DY for advice.

July 6th

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@ Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant - Monthly clan dinner, a little less hectic than usual, with two sons elsewhere. Busy summer.

July 5th

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@ The Danforth Music Hall - Solo stage, Rickie Lee Jones with two acoustic guitars, one electric, grand piano. Loose gig, elastic pace, some covers in her own style.
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Usual pickup, Pearson T...
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Usual pickup, Pearson Terminal 1

July 4th

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Published Giorgio Armani.
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@ Giorgio Armani - Drove by Rodeo Drive for the Beverly Hills experience. Very quiet district on Independence Day, tour buses still going by
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Fitting hands at th...
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Fitting hands at the Chinese Theatre Flexing at Muscle Beach
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Flexing at Muscle Beach on F...

July 3rd

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@ First United Methodist Church of Santa Monica - Strong community production of The Music Man with brother, niece and nephew in cast. Many on stage, some women with moustaches to fill roles
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@ The Geffen Contemporary (MoCA) - Trying to make sense of Mike Kelley video installations. Contemporary art consuming more brain cycles than mainstream cinema
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Barracks moved from Wyoming
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Barracks moved from Wyoming Sketinghuish 1, 2, 3
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Sketinghuish 1, 2, 3 on Flickr....

July 2nd

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@ Pacific Cabin Sushi - First all you can eat sushi in a long time. Had forgotten that I worked in Riverside in 2006, small town in big country