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May 27th

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1:17am via Foursquare
@ Pivotal Labs Toronto - Won two resto gift coupons for paying attention at Spring Boy + Cloud Foundry briefing. Caught up on latest technology.

May 26th

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Tommy Thompson Park view w...
flickr (feed #33)
12:45am via Flickr
Tommy Thompson Park view west

May 21st

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Contributed to 10 pages.
9:05pm via Wikipedia

May 18th

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11:59pm via Tumblr
Natrel Pond, Harbourfront ...
flickr (feed #33)
10:19pm via Flickr
Natrel Pond, Harbourfront

May 17th

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7:53pm via Tumblr
Lowkong cemetery monument ...
flickr (feed #33)
7:10pm via Flickr
Lowkong cemetery monument

May 16th

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10:09pm via Tumblr
Monarch Park underpass on Fli...
flickr (feed #33)
8:52pm via Flickr
Monarch Park underpass

May 14th

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2:37am via Tumblr

Unwin Ave bridges via Flickr:
Graceful ...
flickr (feed #33)
10:46pm via Flickr
Unwin Ave bridges

May 13th

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11:19pm via Tumblr
Table of ten on Flickr.Chinese d...
flickr (feed #33)
Shared Table of ten.
11:11pm via Flickr
Table of ten

May 12th

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7:35pm via Tumblr
Silver City Fairview on Flickr....
flickr (feed #33)
7:29pm via Flickr
Silver City Fairview

May 11th

blog (feed #28)
10:13pm via IngBrief
2010 book celebrating Jane Jacobs includes articles on economics (and systems thinking), some also available in alternative online form.  Preceded by a 1977 article: David M. Nowlan, “Jane Jacobs Among the Economists”,  Ideas That Matter: T...

May 9th

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11:17pm via Tumblr
Yonge and Grenville Streets
flickr (feed #33)
11:03pm via Flickr
Yonge and Grenville Streets

May 7th

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12:58am via Tumblr
Bike helmet selection on Flick...
flickr (feed #33)
12:52am via Flickr
Bike helmet selection

May 3rd

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11:13pm via Foursquare
@ Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant - Family dinner with Chinese wedding just over the partition, karaoke sounds like fun, but kills conversation on our side. Speakers are loud.

May 2nd

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10:53pm via Tumblr
Beach Skateboard Park on Flick...
flickr (feed #33)
10:49pm via Flickr
Beach Skateboard Park

April 30th

blog (feed #30)
Moments in April 2015, at Toronto, Ontario; Detroit, Michigan; Iowa City, Iowa; Fairfield, Iowa; Muscatine, Iowa; Port Huron, Michigan
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8:11pm via Tumblr
Refineries on the St. ...
flickr (feed #33)
8:03pm via Flickr
Refineries on the St. Clair River

April 29th

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Published Saigon Diamond.
2:41am via Foursquare
@ Saigon Diamond - Late night pho and vermicelli after a 9 hour drive eastbound. Planned Chinese resto that closed at 9, this choice was better.
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5:38pm via Tumblr
Riverside Park, Muscatin...
flickr (feed #33)
5:31pm via Flickr
Riverside Park, Muscatine, Iowa

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