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Satay House

November 24th

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@ Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) - Sketching systems @VisualToronto. Large turnout means big circle of chairs. We described our projects on a bullseye diagram
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Lazy Daisy's Café

November 23rd

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York University

November 22nd

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Toronto Beaches boardwalk

November 21st

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St Pancras Station St. Pancras Station
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November 20th

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Shared HAT Luncheon.
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HAT Luncheon

November 19th

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River Cam Sussex Street Wolfson College
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A seminar at Wolfson College by @ireneclng, with an abstract: Digitisation is radically changing the way we buy and experience products and services. As such, companies need to understand the implications of digital connectivity, from the need to ...

November 18th

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Published Waitrose.
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@ Waitrose - Dinner shopping after checkin at AirBnB nearby. Was put on a train from York as original cancelled, then 1h40m late to King's Cross.

November 17th

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@ mr chu's - Asked for mapo tofu, server got Chinese owner to translate. Steamed sea bass good, head off a teaching op. For Chinese veg, order ahead
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Hull U. Centre for Systems Studies

November 16th

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Hull University Union University of Hull
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University of Hull:  Flowerbed shows hardy plants, as temperatures in decline in mid-November England. Having ...

November 15th

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King’s Cross Station:  Train platform canopy. Missed 1:48 train to York, waiting for 4:47. Flight Athens- He...
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@ Chop Chop Noodle Bar - Crossed street from King's Cross Station for rice noodle soup. Asked for extra veggies, not on menu, they charged extra £1. Taiwanese style?
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King's Cross Station King's Cross Station

November 14th

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Platia Anagenniseos:
Teenagers and skateboarders hanging out after 11 pm in a park in the Kaisariani sub...
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Monastiraki underground Platia Anagenniseos

November 13th

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Published PAUL.
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@ PAUL - Late night conversation on patio of French style bakery in district known as Beverly Hills of Greece. What financial crisis?
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Evening in the “Beverly Hills of Greece” with many modern buildings, upmarket shopping, exp...
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Glyfada Cape Sounion
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Cape Sounion:
Ruins of the Temple of Poseidon, built circa 440 B.C. Southeast from Athens, A.L. first t...
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@ Ναός Ποσειδώνα (Poseidon's Temple) - At the southernmost tip of peninsula, overlooking that Aegean Sea. Few tourists, 24 degrees and sunny. Quiet.
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Published Ο Τέλης.
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@ Ο Τέλης - Missed photo of sunset on Mount Pentelicus. O Telis serves Greek food traditionally, we viewed choices in kitchen hot trays, then ordered

November 12th

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Numismatic Museum Café Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Panepistimio
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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Changing of the guard at midnight in front of Parliament Buildings in Greece. A.L....
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Numismatic Museum Café: Relaxed jazz with Trevor-Cheimarios-Koromilas Trio in elegant cafe setting. Repertoire...

November 11th

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Monastiraki:  First ride on back of motorcycle, from Athens suburb Gerakas to city centre Monastiraki. Greek m...
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November 10th

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@ Gazohori - Mezes at the casual outdoor tables across from main resto which was quieter still at 9 pm. Had pm nap too stay up this late for Greeks.
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Technopolis City of Athens:
Illuminated red towers of former industrial gas works, now converted into ex...
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Technopolis City of Athens Lounge Istanbul
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Published Lounge Istanbul.
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@ Lounge Istanbul - Long way from Toronto to London is via Istanbul airport to visit friend in Athens. Better than routing through German strikes this week.
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Lounge Istanbul:
After passing the pool table and grand piano, found 2 more grand pianos downstairs, not...

November 9th

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Skylight rainbow:  Low stress Monday pm departure to Europe, time to admire the small touches that humanise an...
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Skylight rainbow
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November 8th

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November 7th

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Queen Saulter:
Sparks fly from grinding rails, replacing streetcar tracks on short segment on Queen Stre...
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Queen Saulter

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