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Urban Mill:
Lecture on Planetary Boundaries by @katri1iisa for Systems Thinking 1 class of Creative Sust...
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Urban Mill

October 8th

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Old Church Park:
Grave markers at Plague Park Ruttopuisto, some from the thousand victims of the 1710 pl...
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Old Church Park

October 7th

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Moments, September 2015: Toronto, Ontario; Trudeau Airport, Montreal; Brussels, Belgium; Antwerp, Belgium; Bruges, Belgium; Stockholm Arlanda; Vantaa, Finland
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Alvar Aalto puisto:
Iconic Alvar Aalto signature building of former Helsinki U. of Technology under wrap...
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Alvar Aalto puisto
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Published India House.
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@ India House - Good lunch buffet until 4 pm, unlike most Finnish places that stop at 2 pm. Central location at Forum an easy place to meet for business

October 6th

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Red berries on trees, approaching the Hämeentie Factory Block of the Arabia district, kno...
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October 4th

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Kariniemi Park:
Pikku-Vesijärvi pond is famous for largest musical fountains in the Nordics, but after ...
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Kariniemi Park

October 3rd

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Linna Bike Cafe:
Celebration by Kata and Emmi @LinnaBikeShop Cafe, new business partnership. Family and...
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Linna Bike Cafe

October 2nd

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Bulevardi 31, P317:
Master’s students @metropolia taking a stretch after the first hour of lecture on ...
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Bulevardi 31, P317
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Published Metropolia UAS.
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@ Metropolia UAS - Leisurely walk from train station to Metropolia. Expect relaxed lunch, then lecturing at 1 pm

October 1st

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DI_20151001 113740 ViiviTigerstedt DI_20151001 115541 SibeliusAkatemia NooraNyyssönen DI_20151001 114127 SibeliusAkatemia ViiviTigerstedt.JPG SibeliusAkatemia DI_20151001 112058 SibeliusAkatemia MinnaRistamäki DI_20151001 121516 SibeliusAkatemia NooraNyyssönen ViiviTigerstedt MinnaRistamäki DI_20151001 112110 SibeliusAkatemia MinnaRistamäki HAMK DI_20151001 115653 SibeliusAkatemia NooraNyyssönen
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Display of dresses and shoes designed at the @HAMK_UAS Wetterhoff Arts and Crafts College. We wer...

September 30th

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Tikkurila Station:
New Ring Rail Line to Helsinki Airport means a connection at Tikkurila to commuter se...
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Tikkurila Station ARN T5 Pier F
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ARN T5 Pier F:
Climate Portal @Arlanda airport Stockholm gives three choices of weather simulators: Go ...

September 29th

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Impressed that #GoogleNow alerted of cancelled flight tomorrow OSL-HEL on SAS. Phoned FlightCentre back home, who said automatic rebooking BRU-OSL / OSL-ARN / ARN-HEL. My agent said SAS first said couldn’t rebook, as originally issued as Air Can...
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Brussels Chinatown:
On street with Asian supermarket with a strong reputation in central Brussels, shopp...
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Photobooth @FireArtsBelgium at end of #expo2050 “A Brief History of the Future” allows entering wishes.  We were inartic...
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Brussels Chinatown

September 28th

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St. Salvador Cathedral:
Song Dong installation @TriennaleBrugge “Wu Wei Er Wei” or “Doing Nothing ...
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St. Salvador Cathedral

September 27th

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DI_20150927 111033 AvGrandPrix inside DI_20150927 110601 AvGrandPrix outside DI_20150927 110618 AvGrandPrix outside DI_20150927 083705 AvGrandPrix wines DI_20150927 102244 AvGrandPrix outside DI_20150927 082557 AvGrandPrix cheese wheel DI_20150927 083522 AvGrandPrix FromagesDeBrebis DI_20150927 102458 AvGrandPrix inside DI_20150927 102402 AvGrandPrix inside DI_20150927 110721 AvGrandPrix outside DI_20150927 092443 AvGrandPrix glasses DI_20150927 092504 AvGrandPrix salami olives DI_20150927 102302 AvGrandPrix outside DI_20150927 102318 AvGrandPrix outside DI_20150927 082844 AvGrandPrix PO cutting DI_20150927 102331 AvGrandPrix outside DI_20150927 110549 AvGrandPrix outside DI_20150927 110653 AvGrandPrix outside DI_20150927 102524 AvGrandPrix inside

September 26th

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La Tour d'An Tiem:
Lunch reception for wedding of graduate school roommate of 1981-1982 from Kellogg Sch...
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DI_20150926 054534 LaTourDAnTiem lunch headtable DI_20150926 061631 LaTourDAnTiem lunch MO DI_20150926 052521 LaTourDAnTiem book DI_20150926 052240 LaTourDAnTiem champagne DI_20150926 094249 LaTourDAnTiem BO BY DY Di DI_20150926 094325 LaTourDAnTiem PO BY NY BY DI_20150926 070747 LaTourDAnTiem PO BY sextant DI_20150926 100516 AvGrandPrix arrival DI_20150926 054815 LaTourDAnTiem lunch table3 DI_20150926 054737 LaTourDAnTiem lunch table2 DI_20150926 070136 LaTourDAnTiem lunch best man DI_20150926 054617 LaTourDAnTiem lunch table2 DI_20150926 054647 LaTourDAnTiem lunch table3 DI_20150926 081431 LaTourDAnTiem lunch PO DI_20150926 054516 LaTourDAnTiem lunch headtable DI_20150926 054628 LaTourDAnTiem lunch table2 DI_20150926 054758 LaTourDAnTiem lunch table2 DI_20150926 100523 AvGrandPrix entry DI_20150926 054703 LaTourDAnTiem lunch table3 DI_20150926 054503 LaTourDAnTiem lunch headtable
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Contributed User talk:Mdd.
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September 25th

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Tour Noire:
Watchtower from the first walls of Brussels, constructed during early 13th century Roman tim...
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Tour Noire Lawn mushroom underside Lawn mushroom
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September 24th

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Antwerp Chinatown gate:
Day trip results in finding Chinatown gate in Antwerp, with Central Station just...
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Antwerp Chinatown gate
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Published Fritkot Max.
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@ Fritkot Max - Fries in Antwerp are fresh' although I recognise the double cook technique from childhood restaurant days. Curry ketchup sauce.

September 23rd

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BOZAR:  Installation in progress @BOZARbrussels Victor Horta Hall, wonderfully lit by skylights. Wandered in v...
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Bo Zar

September 22nd

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Trudeau Airport on Flickr.Not...
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Trudeau Airport

September 21st

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Nathan Phillips Square:
Ordinary fall work day @NPSToronto, plaza relatively quiet in afternoon. View f...
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Nathan Phillips Square

September 20th

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Backpack selection:
Long visit @mec_toronto, evaluating alternatives. Came to see Fast-Track Daypack, b...
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Backpack selection
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September 19th

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Sky Dragon on Flickr.BBQ meat appe...

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