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April 13th

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At Jazz Bistro, Marc Jordan, Kevan McKenzie, Russ Boswell, Mark Lalama (Toronto) 20110411 2132
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At Jazz Bistro, Dave Restivo with Marc Jordan.  (Toronto) 20140411 2132

April 12th

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Published Factory Direct.
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@ Factory Direct - Bike to subway to bike some more for $10 headphones. Out of stock at downtown store, now warm enough for road bike
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April 11th

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@ Jazz Bistro - Jazz combo with @marcjordanmusic gives new colors. Second set first new song On A Perfect Day, still reading lyrics on music stand

April 10th

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11:08pm via Coevolving Innovations
Christopher Alexander described his perspective on systems thinking in 1968, long before his research on pattern language had matured.

April 9th

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@ Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) - Design with Dialogue as core practice discussed with William Isaacs references. #DwDTO is more than that, appreciate the progress!

April 6th

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Christopher Alexander’s presentation at the 1996 OOPSLA Conference was lightly edited in the 1999 article.  Watching the video and reading the text, the divergences are small until 46 minutes into 63-minutes, when the text was significantly rew...

April 5th

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“Open Source Initiative (OSI) announces new Affiliate Members” http://feedly.com/k/1mRAHgD
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April 3rd

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In 2011, Christopher Alexander was 75 years old, and fighting jet lag to talk about the book to would be released in 2012.  The pace of this lecture is slow. Video posted as “Christopher Alexander Lecture at Berkeley, California” at https://...

April 2nd

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Abstract for Terence Deacon talk: How can living and mental “selves” exhibit properties that are so unlike the properties of the inanimate, insentient material processes that constitute them? Can an account of how order spontaneously arises fr...

April 1st

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St. Andrews C...
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2014 TIC Retirees meeting St. Andrews Cemetery, Scarborough, Ontario
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@ St. Andrew's Cemetery - At @TorontoIBMClub Retirees annual meeting. Being told I look too young, some here over 90. @PatrickHorgan5 talk on @SOSCIP_Research
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2014 TIC Retirees meeting ...

March 29th

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@ Toronto Public Library - Queen/Saulter Branch - Picked up library books, saw @iamdavidmiller on Saulter before activities for Earth Day started . Still spring daylight since clocks changed

March 27th

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@ Fu Yao Supermarket - Biking at just above freezing because swimming pool still closed and I needed the exercise. Too many hours behind the computer keyboard

March 24th

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di_20140320_191712_st-on_biomimicryeconomy_typeiiisystemoldgrowthforest di_20140320_191614_st-on_biomimicryeconomy_typeiikspecies di_20140320_183218_st-on_beyondremembrance di_20140320_183912_st-on_beyondremembrance_ptsd di_20140320_183804_st-on_beyondremembrance_deployment di_20140320_191346_st-on_biomimicryeconomy_resilienceoptimizingadaptive di_20140320_184238_st-on_beyondremembrance_presenters di_20140320_190948_st-on_biomimicryeconomy_full_map di_20140320_191350_st-on_biomimicryeconomy_presenter di_20140320_183228_st-on_beyondremembrance_presenters di_20140320_185346_st-on_gamingthecanadianelectoralsystem_presenters di_20140320_191520_st-on_biomimicryeconomy_type1system di_20140320_185328_st-on_gamingthecanadianelectoralsystem_full_map di_20140320_191052_st-on_biomimicryeconomy_presenters di_20140320_180956_st-on_regentparkecologicalBalance_presenters di_20140320_191200_st-on_biomimicry di_20140320_183700_st-on_beyondremembrance_enlisted_training di_20140320_185338_st-on_gamingthecanadianelectoralsystem_presenters di_20140320_183246_st-on_beyondremembrance_presenters di_20140320_191642_st-on_biomimicryeconomy_typeiiimaturecomplexsystems di_20140320_181958_st-on_regentparkecologicalbalance_phase_relocations

March 23rd

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March 21st

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Positive experience @Xerox 2nd level support Tyler on 3320/DNI printer for 2 hours to diagnose problem and configure. Standard CDROM USB installation wouldn’t recognize wireless WEP key. Tyler took over Win 7 browser, mystified. Hardwired printe...

March 20th

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@ Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) - Big turnout at Systems Thinking Ontario @ocafsfi GIGA-map presentations. Amazing work given short few weeks to research, synthesise
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Boomers use e-mail, post-millennial generation doesn’t, how can they share their lives in the electronic future?  From U. Melbourne, young researchers see the problem, envisioned some future technologies and practices. Not yet even a real proto...

March 17th

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@ WIND Mobile - Switched to @WINDMobile from @Bell_Mobility contract up today, need lower roaming rates internationally. I like Bell, but Wind sees outside of Canada better. Brought own Google Nexus 5.

March 16th

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Jessica Wu Ramirez reflected on “Lean In” by Sherry Sandberg via “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell: I never fully understood the problem I had with “Lean In” until I read “Outliers.” The basic message I got from “Outliers” is tha...

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