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Yonge subway southbound


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Published One-Eyed Jacks.
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@ One-Eyed Jacks - Indulging in pulled pork and beef brisket on salad. American food before crossing border north. Shattered onions, too.
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Published Dragon House.
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@ Dragon House - Strip mall Chinese resto just off Route 17, pleasant decor. Beef tender, broccoli still crunchy, sauce heavier than I would cook at home

March 24th

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@ Gotham West Market - At seafood bar for tapas. Downstairs facilities have central wash basin, then toilets in little rooms with full doors. Room for more than 1?
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6th Ave. At 53rd St. on Flickr....
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6th Ave. At 53rd St.
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Published Olympic Pita.
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@ Olympic Pita - Laffa at Israeli resto good, not ethereal as last time here. Maybe because less busy so less fresh out of oven, or maybe just the weather.

March 23rd

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The New School on Flickr.Flatt...
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The New School
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Published Shanghai Mong.
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@ Shanghai Mong - Chinese resto in Korea town NYC means fusion food. Modern decor with K-pop version of Backstreet Boys. Lunchtime 3 dish special plus banchan

March 22nd

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Times Square on Flickr.Sunday sp...
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Shared Times Square.
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Times Square

March 21st

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Celery Farm on Flickr.Nature pres...
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Shared Celery Farm.
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Celery Farm

March 20th

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Niagara Falls from Rai...
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Niagara Falls from Rainbow Bridge
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Published China King.
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@ China King - New pattern on the road, finding Chinese takeout in small American towns. The alternative here was McDonald's.

March 19th

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SFI class fishbowl on Flickr....
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SFI class fishbowl

March 18th

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Systems Thinking Ont...
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Systems Thinking Ontario March 2015

March 17th

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Contributed to 4 pages.
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March 15th

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Former Unilever site on Flickr....
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Former Unilever site

March 9th

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11:11pm via IngBrief
Jim Coplien (Cope), Gertrud & Cope, and the Scrum Foundation. Keynote presentation at the 4th Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, Waseda University, Tokyo This digest was created in real-time during the meeting, based on the speaker...
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Jim Coplien, AsianPLoP 2015

March 8th

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Shared 12 photos.
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DI_20150306 080649 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay DI_20150306 063901 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay singer DI_20150306 065403 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay drumstick spin DI_20150306 063207 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay crouch DI_20150306 073012 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay DI_20150306 065354 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay drum solo DI_20150306 064445 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay singer DI_20150306 080817 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay thriller DI_20150306 083502 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay DI DI_20150306 065621 MebiusYotsuya audience DI_20150306 065408 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay drum solo DI_20150306 074849 MebiusYotsuya JinoMasaJay smile
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Moments, February week 4, March weeks 1-2 in Toronto, Tokyo, Osaka, Tokyo
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Hoshoji temple, Tokyo on Flick...

March 7th

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Hoshoji temple, Tokyo

March 6th

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Mebius Yotsuya on Flickr.JinoM...
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Shared 2 photos.
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IMG_0556 AsianPLoP Day 1 plenary
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AsianPLoP Day 1 plenary on F...
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8:31am via IngBrief
Hiroshi Nakano, Center for Environmental Structure Keynote presentation at the 4th Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, Waseda University, Tokyo This digest was created in real-time during the meeting, based on the speaker’s presen...
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AsianPLoP 2015 introduction

March 5th

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Shared 4 photos.
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Temple at Kikuicho AsianPLoP 2015 introduction Pit Inn Shinjuku Toyama Park
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Temple at Kikuicho on Flickr....
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Pit Inn Shinjuku on Flickr.J...
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Toyama Park on Flickr.Mountain bi...

March 4th

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Takeshita Dori on Flickr.Quick...
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Takeshita Dori
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@ Toyoko Inn, Shinjuku - Tokyo - Arrived in Shinjuku in daylight, dragged luggage through Kabukicho to modest hotel. Will have short walks to Waseda U. conference.

March 3rd

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Osaka Castle on Flickr.Wandered ...
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Shared Osaka Castle.
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Osaka Castle

March 2nd

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Fish so fresh it’s still moving, at restaurant serving Japanese blowfish.  Fish, vegetables, noodles with tabletop cooking in broth, preceded by fugu sashimi.  Hosted by university professors, reminded that poison is removed by li...

March 1st

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Coleading systems workshop
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Shared 4 photos.
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Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum P1030230 Coleading systems workshop Fushimi Inari Shrine
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Fox Capture Plan, Club Metr...
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Fushimi Inari Shrine on Flickr....
tumblr (feed #34)
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Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum

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