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April 23rd

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Iowa Ave., Iowa City on Flickr....
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Iowa Ave., Iowa City

April 19th

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DIA on Flickr.Alexander Calder 1970 La je...
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MOCAD on Flickr.Normal Shift by Coco Br...
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Published Slows Bar-B-Q.
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@ Slows Bar-B-Q - Sunday morning brunch at city's most popular BBQ resto means no 2-hour lineup. Corktown district not one I've visited before

April 18th

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Detroit Greektown on Flickr.
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Detroit Greektown

April 16th

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DBC Trio on Flickr.Early Thursday se...
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DBC Trio

April 15th

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@ Dupont Naturopathic Clinic - Pulse was 58 and both yin and yang were weak. Slept poorly last night. Acupuncture relief immediate, it's a bright spring day.

April 8th

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Design with Dialogue, A...
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Design with Dialogue, April 2015

April 7th

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Toronto IBM Club Retirees ...
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Toronto IBM Club Retirees

April 6th

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English River lake freighte...
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English River lake freighter

April 5th

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@ Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant - Dim sum on Sunday seems to have larger variety. Crab claws, Korean beef ribs and Shanghai soup dumplings off the cart.

April 4th

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@ T&T Supermarket 大統華超級市場 - Chilly bike ride down to Polson, errands for exercise. Returned to house for cap and heavier gloves. Winter doesn't seem done, yet.

April 2nd

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What is the origin of the phrase "much of the best work is done by amateurs"?

April 1st

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Center for Global Enterpris...
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DI_20150323 082134 CenterForGlobalEnterprise SamPalmisano ChrisCaine DavidIng

March 31st

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Moments March 2015 weeks 3-4: Toronto, Ontario; Niagara Falls, NY; Allendale, NJ; New York City (Manhattan), NY

March 29th

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@ Perfect Chinese Restaurant 雅瓊海鮮酒家 - Arrived at 4:40pm, ordered dim sum, then dinner after 5pm to get the $9.95 Peking Duck special. Aunt dropped by at 5:30, still lots of food.

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