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2024/04 Moments April 2024

Return from visiting family in Vancouver BC, clan events and eldercare appointments
Vancouver, BC; Toronto, Ontario

Motoretta Gelato
Motoretta Gelato: Lazy Easter Monday, after Lebanese lunch including zataar, wandered down towards harbour waterfront. Gelato flavours of Earl Grey vanilla and mascarpone espresso; vegan dark chocolate. NTA now styles Vancouverite wearing shorts on optimism of sun, we Easterners are still bundled up for the temperature drop. (Motoretta Gelato, West Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC) 20240401

Pendulum Gallery
: Suspended from a glass ceiling, Alan Storey (1987) Broken Column is commonly mislabelled as a pendulum as it doesn’t have a clock. Aluminum metal duct of 3500 pounds has a slot on the north side, originally designed with a fan that would move warm air from the roof to ground level. Electric motor drives the duct over a stationary plinth, “sympathetic with the alpha waves our brains produce when we’re resting with our eyes closed”, in a movement that is both relaxing and terrifying when seated in a chair by the nearby tables. (Pendulum Gallery, West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC) 20240401

YVR Vancouver International Airport
YVR Vancouver International Airport: Started journey home before sunrise, passing by Reg Davidson (2016) The Blind Halibut Fisherman, beside a bentwood box where the Haida would store ceremonial gear. From City Centre Station, Skytrain on Canada Line was uneventful. Unusual alert on x-ray scan meant body patdown, second pass through scanners, and report taking down name and profession. (YVR Vancouver International Airport) 20240402
Fortune Seafood Restaurant
Fortune Seafood Restaurant: Late afternoon lab visit followed by early evening dinner. Vancouver crab was on special, as was jumbo shrimp, neither for allergic me. Grouper-tofu casserole as usual, and water spinach, enough leftovers for tomorrow. Free soup borth to start, sweet soup to finish. (Fortune Seafood Restaurant, Midland Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario) 20240403
Brookfield Place
Brookfield Place: Indoor atrium has real butterfly boxes that would offer refurge from poor weather and predators, but fake butterflies. Narrow entry slots invite lepidoptera, rather than round holes for birds. Sunny spring day illuminates display encouraging pollinator gardens during April as Earth Month. (Brookfield Place, Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240406
Dim Sum King
Dim Sum King: Family congregating at the spring festival banquet of the Lowkong Society, before the 10 courses started. We may now have a reputation as a karaoke group, choosing songs that bridge boomer and millennial generations. if the full immediate family comes out, we may have to book more than one table of 10. (Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant, Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario) 20230413
Theatre Passe Muraille
Theatre Passe Muraille: Panel @beyondWallsTPM hosted by @21sungelas with social entrepreneur @vanessalingyu and journalist @annhui on set of @SilkBathTO . Discussed Chinese-Canadian “chop suey” cooking in its own legitimacy, now better in small town Canada than in the big cities. Common ties through food in lineages of Chinese heritage, even for those not brought up in Chinese restaurants. (Theatre Passe Muraille, Ryerson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario) 20240414
Service Canada Centre Scarborough Town Centre
Service Canada Centre Scarborough Town Centre: In-person visit, suggested after telephone call inquiry about not receiving letter about Canadian Dental Care qualifying for over-87 years of age in December 2023. One of multiple eldercare errands in the neighbourhood, the time required for the beneficiary to answer questions seems less than time it takes for the customer service to figure out the case on the computer. Helpful Service Canada agent explained she could handle everything except Canada Revenue Agency, and the public-facing websites are actually partitioned. (Service Canada Centre, Town Centre Court, Scarborough, Ontario) 20240417

Woodside Square
Woodside Square: Paused by dinosaur display outside mall, on the way to trying a different lunch spot after a short doctor’s appointment. Hand-pulled noodles were genuinely superior to the usual, but even slight spiciness varies too far away from Cantonese cuisine preferences. Will have to revert from counter service formats, to restaurants with full service. (Woodside Square, Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough, Ontario) 20240425

2024/03 Moments March 2024

More work than play for first part of month, in anticipation of trip to Vancouver to visit family.
Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, BC

Mr. Congee Bridlewood Mall
Mr. Congee Bridlewood Mall: Followng late afternoon appointments, opted for a casual Cantonese meal at a mall storefront. Congee, beef brisket lo mein, turnip cake and barbeque pork rice at modest prices, whole duck cost a little more. Selection is small, save for the seafood set menus the would suit a grander occasion. (Mr. Congee Bridlewood Mall, Warden Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario) 20240313
Zhang Liang Spicy Hotpot
Zhang Liang Spicy Hotpot: Pre-theatre casual dinner, each diner selecting own ingredients from the open refrigerator shelves to be given to kitchen to make soup. Unlike our experience in China where only malatang means numbing spicy soup, our Cantonese palates could opt for the non-spicy mushroom broth. Some have had more experience estimating the quantity of inputs, to the amount one can eat. (Zhang Liang Spciy Hotpot, Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario) 20240320
Hugh’s Room Live
Hugh’s Room Live: Songwriter session with @danhillmusic and @lily_frost, with stories about composing, performing, the music business, and challenges of returning to live performing after long interruption. Small venue in former church, pews in the balcony gave a better view than on ground floor. Gladly accepted free tickets offered by an acquaintance on 3 hours notice, I was a fan even before Dan Hill performed at Ontario Place Forum in 1978. (Hugh’s Room Live, Broadview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario) 20240322
Maple Leaf Lounge, Domestic, YYZ
Maple Leaf Lounge, Domestic, YYZ: Early for flight to Vancouver, adding salad to the meatballs and rice. Six day visit, mostly to visit DY’s mother. Planning on staying mostly in Eastern Time, up before sunrise at 7:00am. (Maple Leaf Lounge (Domestic), Pearson Airport, Toronto, Ontario) 20240327
Denny's Test Kitchen
Denny’s Test Kitchen: Brunch next door to Canadian headquarters of international restaurant chain, with menu items under consideration request feedback for inclusion into regular menus. Bridging east coast body time with west coast mealtimes, we’re jet lagged with the 3-hour time zone change. Discussed the Broadway Plan for rental housing in the neighbourhood, designed to encourage low rise construction while protecting affordability for long-time residents. (Denny’s Test Kitchen, West Broadway, Vancouver, BC) 20240328

Emily Carr University of Art and Design
: Bob (Tahitan-Tlingit) + Stan Bevan (Tahitan-Tlingit and Tsimshian) + Lyonei Grant (Maori and Pakeha) 2023 “Pacific Song of Ancestors”. Carving may be tradition of natives of British Columbia, but features on this art work aren’t limited to the province. Art university demonstrates is forward-looking ways. (Emily Carr University of Art and Design, East 1st Street, Vancouver, BC) 20240328

Libby Leshgold Gallery
: Scaffold 17 feet in height with prose-poem on Tyvek banners, Hazel Meyer (2024) Weeping Concrete fills the open space of the gallery. Sculptural installation can be used as stage, had two public performances in February 2024. We hadn’t seen a similar 2022 work in the Bentway in Toronto, underneath the Gardiner Expressway. (Libby Leshgold Gallery, East 1st Street, Vancouver, BC) 20240328

Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Emily Carr University of Art + Design: Suspending on wires from ceiling, Kevin Orloski (2024) Freedom is an epoxy resin artwork symbolizing the American Sign Language expression by Shannon Anderson. Nearing the end of the academic year, students works are on display. On a regular school day, we enjoy the energy on campus. (Emily Carr University of Art + Design, E. 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC) 20240328

: Behind wall, a maze Xiangmei Su (2024) Here————There weaves threads around up stairs and beyond blind alleys. The artist lives been cultures, immigrating from Changshu, China to study visual art at UBC in Vancouver. Installation is found in the basement of the Sun Wah Centre used as a Chinatown community space by BCA, very quiet on a regular workday. (Canton-Sardine, Sun Wah Centre, Keefer Street, Vancouver, BC) 20240328

Yohachi Sushi
Yohachi Sushi: Leisurely dinner catching up on more than 5 years since we’ve seen each other. They’re more retired than us, all of us are in the sandwich generation of taking care of elders, and having adult children with busy lives. Conversation ran overtime, so that we waited for the late Seabus schedule of 30 minutes rather daytime 15 minute crossings. (Yohachi Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Esplanade West, North Vancouver, BC) 20240328

Richmond Public Market
: This two-level shopping centre built in 1994 is not a tourist attraction, instead serving the local Chinese community. Near the south end of the Richmond-Brighouse skytrain station, it has the old Chinatown feeling of chaos and bricolage. Immediate neighbourhood is dense with apartment towers, could be a hub for nearby residents who don’t drive in the suburbs. (Richmond Public Market, Westminister Highway, Richmond, BC) 20240329

Gary Point Park
Garry Point Park: Sun came out for a slow stroll from the southwest shore of Richmond, westward where the Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean, curving back eastward. Since the City of Richmond averages 1 metre below sea level, the dykes have gradually been built up to be taller. The Akebono Cherry Blossom Trees attracted many visitors at the easten edge of the park, we oped to walk and talk in the quieter areas. (Garry Point Park, Seventh Avenue, Richmond, BC) 20240329
Simon K Y Lee Seniors Home
Simon K. Y. Lee Seniors Home: Visiting DY’s mother has been a central purpose for this spring trip to Vancouver. We’ve been visiting daily in the afternoons. Elders don’t necessarily get so much variety in their meals, so she’s been enjoying the fresh fruit we bring. (Simon K. Y. Lee Seniors Home, Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC) 20240329
David Lam Park
David Lam Park: The Blossoms After Dark event drew a lot of people to a large park, with a relatively small number of features. We had dinner in Yaletown before sunset, and then followed crowds trampling the grass before finding the stairs to the upper level attractions. Relying on many espoused expert photographers is a losing game in difficult lighting conditions. (David Lam Park, Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver, BC) 20240329
Wesbrook Village
Wesbrook Village: Honoured to receive an inscribed (2022) translation of Zhuangzi at lunch with Richard John Lynn + Sonja Arntzen, both professors emerita now residing near UBC. After 19 years of retirement, academic leisure means research continues for only 6 hours per day. We exchanged life stories on how early university studies don’t present linear career paths. (Neptune Chinese Kitchen, Westbrook Village, Vancouver, BC) 20240330
Belkin Art Gallery
Belkin Art Gallery: Hard to align foreground sculpture Elizabeth Zvonar (2006) Timing is Everything, with two mirrors facing each other with astrological birth charts of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. In background, mounted on wall, Elizabeth Zvonar (2013) Face inkjet print. Part of the Aporia (Notes to a Medium) exhibition, including works that contend with systems of belief and perception. (Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Main Mall, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC) 20240330
Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen
Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen: Local foodie with travel experience guided us to Nepalese restaurant for dinner. Food is available not spicy, we started with vegan momos with jhol sauce, and chicken momos fried. Big appetizers meant we took main course leftovers back to the apartment. (Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen, Davie Street, Vancouver, BC) 20240330
Simon K.Y. Lee Seniors Care Home
Simon K.Y. Lee Seniors Care Home: Arrived with pork siu mai and beef balls just as DY’s mother was coming out for lunch, so the staff brought a portable table to the vestibule. Had to chop down the dim sum into smaller pieces, because regular meals are now pureed. We might have slowed down serving, she really gobbles down the food. (Simon K.Y. Lee Seniors Home, Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC) 20240331
Chinatown Storytelling Centre
Chinatown Storytelling Centre: A reproduction of the Yucho Chow Studio, a Chinese Canadian professional photographer serving marginalized communities from 1908 to 1949. This cultural history centre, opened in 2021, has a digital improvement enabling self-portraits to be sent as postcards. The tracing of family heritages are mostly centered on British Columbians, although we recognized the names of historians and writers from across Canada. (Chinatown Storytelling Centre, East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC) 20240331

Dunbar neighbourhood
Dunbar neighbourhood: Afternoon tea with family extended into homecooked meal, graciously early for body clocks still on Eastern Time. Exchanged details and compared experiences on recent trips to Asia. In-person time is so much more valuable than onine messaging. (Dunbar neighbourhood, Vancouver, BC) 20240331

2020/10 Moments October 2020

Clear autumn near home in Toronto, extended with a family vacation within Canada to Vancouver, where the Covid rates are more favourable
Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, BC

Chester Hill Lookout
Chester Hill Lookout: Cool autumn morning shows leaves starting change colours in view northwest towards Beltline Trail and Moore Park. In the foreground, Evergreen Brick Works should be quiet on a weekday, and the Don Valley Parkway is below capacity for morning rush. Overlook had a few clusters of neighbours presumably enjoying the clear weather. (Chester Hill Lookout, Chester Hill Road, Toronto, Ontario) 20201001
Grange Park
Grange Park: Grass around #HenryMoore 1966-1969 Two Large Forms, contrasts with the hard sidewalk at the original installation of 1974 on the southwest sidewalk of McCaul Street and Dundas Street. In summer 2017, the sculpture was moved onto the Grange property. To the east, the Sharp Centre for Design at OCADU was first opened in 2004. (Grange Park, Toronto, Ontario) 20201005
Former Bayview Avenue onramp from River Street
Former Bayview Avenue onramp from River Street: The entry between Queen Street and King Street descended onto Bayview Avenue before 2011, after which the Flood Protection Landform routed traffic south towards the new Corktown Commons. Parkette seems temporary, with fences and construction machines at the bottom of the slope. The green space should eventually get a name when redevelopment is completed. (River Street, between Queen Street and King Street, Corktown, Toronto, Ontario) 20201017
Clarence Square
Clarence Square: Cut tree trunk with branch, light showing through hollows in two dimensions, closed on the bottom. In a park by busy streets, did planners or city workers design to leave a small point of interest next to the mature tree? Dog run to the south, many pedestrians with canines happy to see each other. (Clarence Square, Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario) 20201021
Logan Avenue, south of Queen Street East
Logan Avenue, south of Queen Street East: Unnamed laneway eastbound to Morse Street, blocked for paving. In parallel, local neighbours promoting Laneway Park-ing project for greening the public street behind commercial buildings leading to residential right-of-ways. We’re on the west side of Logan Avenue, where redevelopment at the end of the street transformed our laneway. (Laneway south of Queen Street East, from Logan Avenue to Morse Street, Riverside, Toronto, Ontario) 20201022
Toronto Pearson Airport
Toronto Pearson Airport: Maple Leaf Lounge isn’t the same, in the pandemic. On way to Vancouver, may visit family, if they can bear the social isolation count below 6 in BC. (Maple Leaf Lounge, Domestic, Toronto Pearson Airport, Ontario) 20201023
Twin Falls Bridge
Twin Falls Bridge: The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge was closed, so we walked further downwards to the fixed crossing to the south. Long wooden stairs down, and boardwalk planks meant steadier balance. No real photo opportunities in the canyon, we followed the paths well above the flowing water below. (Twin Falls Bridge, Lynn Valley Ecology Centre, North Vancouver, BC) 20201025
Lighthouse Park
Lighthouse Park: Practically as far west in continental Canada as possible. Hike to the overlook of the Port Atkinson Lighthouse was posted as 10 minutes down, and 25 minutes back up to the parking lot. Pedestrian route through old growth forest, thick trunk hemlock trees with more than 500 rings. (Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC) 20201025
Lord Strathcona School
Lord Strathcona School: Strolling with Chinatown memories back to the 1960s, remembering the elementary school for KY, TW and DI. Sons getting history of the family, first-hand accounts of growing up in the neighbourhood. Population was practically all Chinese in those days, houses nearby are now gentrified. (Lord Strathcona School, East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC) 20201025
Strathcona: Walked from front of building to the east side, to appreciate the multi-level unit that was home to a family of 9. Decades later, everyone has now moved out of the neighbourhood, most with families of their own. Recalling the places called home, within a few blocks of each other, and the distances walking to school. (718 Campbell Avenue, Vancouver, BC) 20201020
Simon K.Y. Lee Senior Care Home
Simon K.Y. Lee Senior Care Home: Window visit with DY’s mother, as we aren’t the designated family visitor for the month to the eldercare facility. She recognized us through the glass, and was happy to see us. Helpful staff at the centre said that she knew we were coming from Toronto, as we had phoned ahead to make arrangements. (Simon K.Y. Lee Senior Care Home, Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC) 20201026
Kitsilano: Reminiscing back to July 1984, when DY moved into my apartment, followed in the next month as an uncommitted girlfriend leaving Vancouver for an uncertain future in Toronto. I had lived in the apartment with the big picture window since November 1982, as a graduate student at UBC. The building looks much the same today, although the West 4th Avenue commercial strip has since densified. (1960 Waterloo Street, Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC) 20201026
Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver Art Gallery: Alienated by the Euro-Canadian style of the period, #EmilyCarr (1935) “A Rushing Sea of Undergrowth” adopted the expressive power of the forest in a deliberately limited palette of greens and blues. In later reflection, she said that she was interested in the abstraction of #LawrenHarris, but chose to retain her vision of being of nature, rather than next to it. Part of the exhibition of “Rapture, Rhythm and the Tree of Life”. (Vancouver Art Gallery, Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC) 20201027
Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver Art Gallery: Showing “nothing”, #ZhuJinshi (1977) “The Tao of Rice Paper II” sees folds of sheets hanging over bamboo in a floor-to-ceiling installation. The artist sees abstract as really from Western philosophy and aesthetics, not from the Tao of Chinese philosophy. Part of the “Common Language exhibition. (Vancouver Art Gallery, Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC) 20201027
Richmond Art Gallery
Richmond Art Gallery: Serigraph #GuXiong 1993 “Cafeteria #3” originally shown in the 1994 exhibition The Basement, reflecting the experience of working as a new immigrant working in the UBC cafeteria. Originally from Chongqing, now a professor of Fine Arts at UBC. Gallery just reopened with show celebrating 40th anniversary. (Richmond Art Gallery, Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC) 20201028
Gulf of Georgia Cannery
Gulf of Georgia Cannery: Just outside the National Historic Site, a working fishing boat maintaining its nets. Inside was a rather complete history of British Columbia canning from pre-European days, through the World Wars, to the 1970s when production ended. Full-scale model of canning production line, with progress demonstrating technological advances. (Gulf of Georgia Cannery National History Site, Fourth Street, Steveston, BC) 20201028
UBC Belkin Gallery
UBC Belkin Gallery: Musical score background, with wood-burning fire ring and tripod stools, #TaniaWillard (2018) “Surrounded / Surrounding”. Leather seats have words etched into the leather. The Sounding exhibition is a combination of visual and aural installation, we observed mostly artifacts and social distancing sensibilities. (Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC) 20201029
Seymour’s Pub
Seymour’s Pub: Trio #WinstonMatsushita, #WynstonMinckler, #ToddStewart in casual north shore venue. Pianist had studied jazz at UToronto, moved back home to Vancouver. Small group of music enthusiasts separated from clientele more interested in big screen sports or socializing. (Seymour’s Pub and Grill, Lillooet Road, North Vancouver, BC) 20201029
Tightrope Impro Theatre
Tightrope Impro Theatre: Concluding award in Gorilla Theatre show @TightropeImpro, counting bananas over forfeits for directors of each scene. Five performers in protective face masks, our family were front and centre at a table socially distanced from other audience attendees. Walking through Chinatown to arrive at venue revealed the district has become popular with hipsters, filling restaurants both inside, and on outside patios. (Tightrope Impro Theatre, East Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC) 20201030
Kitsilano Beach
Kitsilano Beach: Volleyball courts full on a sunny day, next to English Bay, with the mountains of the north shore as background. Leisurely stroll west to Elsje Point, and then west to Point Grey Park. Bright days like this leads visitors to forget the grey days from November through March. (Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, BC) 20201031

2017/10 Moments October 2017

Toronto, Ontario; Munich, Germany; Krems, Austria; Vancouver, BC
Toronto, Ontario; Munich, Germany; Krems, Austria; Vancouver, BC

EditDX: Soap kettle interior illuminated @EditDX, in the former Lever Brothers plant. History of industry in a massive abandoned factory near urban centre celebrated, rather than hidden. (EditDX, 21 Don Roadway, East Harbour, Toronto, Ontario) 20171003
EditDX: New Urban Crisis @Richard_Florida @EditDX is growing inequality between winner-take-all cities and places in a poverty trap. Instead of iconic buildings and starchitecture, need a communing architecture, not a cutoff architecture. Retraced life history from Newark to Pittsburgh to Toronto. Digest at https://ingbrief.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/20171002-1305-richard-florida-urban-futures-keynote-editdx/ (EditDX, 21 Don Roadway, East Harbour, Toronto, Ontario) 20171002
EditDX: Brigitte Shim @alexbozikovic @EditDX making ancient invisible fishing weirs visible. Mnjinkaning Fish Fence Circle by bridge at the Narrows between Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe. (EditDX, 21 Don Roadway, East Harbour, Toronto, Ontario) 20171002
UToronto iSchool
UToronto iSchool: Digital @gamespacenl @ischool_TO Platformization of Cultural Production research on 3 pillars of business studies, political economy and platform studies. Multisided markets, with gaps for deeper inquiry into economics, governance and infrastructure. Research in progress, students in classes at Scarborough College partially immersed in ongoing knowledge development. (Faculty of Information iSchool, St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20171003
EditDX: Good design @alicerawsthorn @EditDX has usefulness, beauty and integrity in light of sustainable development goals (unlike 1969 Olivetti Valentina typewriter in museums). Design is an agent of change that can help us to make sense of what is happening, and to turn it to our advantage … if society allows it to do so. Digest at https://ingbrief.wordpress.com/2017/10/08/20171008-1310-alice-rawsthorn-good-or-bad-design-editdx/ (EditDX, 21 Don Roadway, East Harbour, Toronto, Ontario) 20171008
EditDX: Free lunch @EditDX Feeding the 5000 demo of cutting global food waste in half by 2030, as Sustainable Development Goal. Made from ingredients that would have been discarded, enjoyed fall minestrone and potato focaccia bread. Separate queue for vegans. Amidst volunteers, white hats from @GBCChefSchool. (EditDX, 21 Donway Road, East Harbour, Toronto, Ontario) 20171008
Lalibela: Had turkey a few weekends ago, so Thanksgiving of Ethiopian cuisine an unusual choice as dairy-free, and the teff in injera is gluten-free. Combined with AKY’s birthday falling on same day, another way to celebrate as a family. Front window still open with fall relatively warm. (Lalibela, Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario) 20171009
Cineplex 4DX
Cineplex 4DX: Enjoyed Matinee of Blade Runner 2049, 4DX experience a change from our preference for 2D. The 3D effect was subtle, may not repeat the bucking seat, blowing air and cool water sprays. In hindsight, would have preferred the larger screen of Imax. Epic movie! (Cineplex VIP, Yonge-Dundas, Toronto, Ontario) 20171010
Riverside: Woke up to urban foresters trimming branches in front of our house. The linden tree is officially owned by the city. Pruning away from the tangle of electrical wires is a service funded by tax dollars. True fall temperatures this week, and dusk comes early. (Riverside neighbourhood, Toronto, Ontario) 20171012
Pinakothek der Moderne
Pinakothek der Moderne: At top of stairs, Olaf Menzel (2002) Reise Nach Jerusalem, made of acrylic, plastic and strobe light. Morning stroll through contemporary section and design, not so interested in modern. Took a little while to figure out that I had been to this art museum before, about a decade ago. (Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany) 20171018
Danube U. Krems
Danube U. Krems: Fall colours on Alaunbach stream from deck beside controlled flow through the campus of Danube U. Krems. Walking up from city centre hotel, pedestrian access to path beside the local prison. First day of Purplsoc conference, remembering some familiar faces, discussing with other semi-famous in the field. (Purplsoc conference, Danube University Krems, Austria) 20171019
Heuriger Weingut Hambock
Heuriger Weingut Hambock: Local winery restaurant for conference dinner. White wine served in pitchers, complemented by buffet of smoked meats and bread. This neighbourhood tavern near the old town is hidden on a residential street. Attendees come from a wide variety of geographies. (Heuriger Weingut Hambock, Krems, Lower Austria) 20171020
Kremser Gasse
Kremser Gasse: Across from St. Polten train station is an attractive shopping street that I might visit, if I had more time. This town is the state capital on the main line between Munich and Vienna, and more developed than the destination of Krems where our conference was held. This brief stop was the first of three this evening to position for a plane westward tomorrow. (Kremser Gasse, St. Polten, Lower Austria) 20171021
YYC: Canadian designed YYC Link passenger shuttle has human drivers, and no wait for ride. Shaves minutes off changing terminals. Amazed that 60 minute connection including immigration and terminal changes is comfortable. (YYC, Calgary, Alberta) 20171022
Hyatt Regency Vancouver
Hyatt Regency Vancouver: View southwest towards the University Endowment Lands of the Burrard Peninsula, from the 34th floor in the West End. Skyscrapers in foreground in contrast to trees in the distance. For now, sitting away from the windows, remembering visitors often get distracted by the view. (Hyatt Regency, Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC) 20171023
PLoP 2017
PLoP 2017: Intro to Writers Workshop @rpg Richard P. Gabriel. Inspired by U. Iowa since 1936, style evolving. Originally group leader was like a traffic cop around discussion, more maturity now should have leader serving as a teacher, asking questions and giving clarity on process and content. In this first session learning by showing, inner circle discussing the paper, with outer circle of observers. (PLoP Pattern Languages of Programs, colocated with ACM SPLASH, Hyatt Regency Vancouver, BC) 20171023
PLoP 2017
PLoP 2017: Workshop @plopcon @daviding with @HeleneFinidori @chrisimweb “Negotiating Order with Generative Pattern Language” taking a more theoretical bent. May repeat next year, after discussants have an opportunity to catch up reading Christopher Alexander (2012) “The Battle for Life and Beauty of the Earth”. High-level sensemaking. Slides at http://coevolving.com/commons/20171023-negotiating-order-with-generative-pattern-language . (PLoP Pattern Languages of Programs, colocated with ACM SPLASH, Hyatt Regency Vancouver, BC) 20171023
Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver Art Gallery: Neil Campbell (1992/2017) East, a site-specific wall painting dominates visitors walking by. Tuesday night visit unfortunately saw many galleries closed as exhibitions are changing, for an opening later in the week. (Vancouver Art Gallery, Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC) 20171025
PLoP 2017
PLoP 2017: Traditional closing of event, participants calling names and tossing yarn to connect to colleagues old and new. Games with parachute limited by low ceiling in the hotel. (PLoP Pattern Languages of Programs, colocated with ACM SPLASH, Hyatt Regency Vancouver, BC) 20171023
Caveman Cafe
Caveman Cafe: Paleo vegan dinner low in carbs, emphasizing proteins and greens. We split the Caveman pizza and a Lamburgini sandwich made with cassava bread. Servers behind the counter attentive to needs, advising on suggestions, in a semi-chaotic lines jumping around delivery as hand-made timing. (Caveman Cafe, E. Pender Street, Vancouver, BC) 20171026
Kitstaya: Relaxed lunch in neighbourhood where I lived 1982-1984. I met DY back then, and KY and TW were still dating. Nostalgic, and a lifetime ago. (Kitstaya, West Broadway, Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC) 20171026
UBC University Blvd
UBC University Blvd: Rain or shine rail jam @UbcSkiAndBoard club trucked in snow on a cool fall day. Student climbed to top of bales of hay, and then slid downhill to grind a rail skateboard style. Discovered this was the 10th annual event, a wild spectacle that eastern Canadians find bizarre. Another change in UBC since I studied here in the 1980s. (University Blvd., University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC) 20171027
Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach: Bernar Venet (2007) 217.5 Arc x 13, unpainted Corten steel , installed in 2013 as part of Vancouver Biennale public art. In the background, ships moored in English Bay. (Sunset Beach, Vancouver, BC) 20171028
Granville Island
Granville Island: Pyramids of berries seem to be a new standard in produce presentation, exhibited by multiple vendors. Nostalgic of grad school days when I would come for a quick shopping trips on quieter weekdays. Leisurely weekend stroll as an old married couple. (Granville Island Market, Vancouver, BC) 20171029
Shady Island Seafood
Shady Island Seafood: Dinner at dusk by Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf. Walked down shoreline to the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Park, observing restorations of buildings of Japanese and Chinese fishing workers back to the 1900s. (Shady Island Seafood, Bayview Street, Steveston Village, Richmond, BC) 20171028
Lonsdale Quay
Lonsdale Quay: Rode Seabus to the north shore, climbed up four flights of stairs to a crow’s nest by the Quay Market for a view southwest to Coal Harbour. We chose to wear fall coats, many locals seem to be in denial of the changing seasons, some still braving shorts. (Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver, BC) 20171029
Bene Sushi
Bene Sushi: North shore experience of carefully prepared sushi with piano jazz playing over the speakers. Conversation with old friends picking up where we left off, trying to remember how many years since the last visit. (Bene Sushi, Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC) 20171029

Libby Leshgold Gallery
Libby Leshgold Gallery: Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan (2017) “Bound: Project Another Country”, luggage and rope. Gallery just opened last week in new building. opened in September, fortunate timing for our west coast visit. (Libby Leshgold Gallery, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC) 20171030

2012/06 Moments, June 2012

Moments, June 2012
Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, BC.

Brian Cauley, Neighbourhood Messages
Brian Cauley, Neighbourhood Messages. Installation of school desk and typewriter for messages on tags to be hung from the tree. Late Tuesday afternoon saw a mother and daughter in composition, otherwise the art space was unoccupied. Brian Cauley, “Neighbourhood Messages” is part of A Piece of a City with Art of the Danforth. (East Lynn Park, Toronto) 20120605 1853
Don River Park
Don River Park. Beyond construction fences, the urban marsh, playhill and pavilion would seem to be mostly completed in the new Don River Park. Rerouting of Bayview Avenue connecting to River Street is still underway and residential housing is still skeleton, so children jumping the gates are a low probability. (Toronto) 20120609 1458
Mill Street Dining
Mill Street Dining. Table for 300, please? Temporary chairs around banquet table stretching half a city block on Mill Street. Friends presumably sit beside each other, rather than across a table. Couldn’t they have planned for more, shorter tablecloths? President’s Choice 1000 Tastes of Toronto starting the Luminato Festival has kiosks also inside the Distillery District on Trinity Street and Gristmill Lane. (Toronto) 20120609 1718
Convocation diploma
Convocation diploma. Adam Ing, Bachelor of Applied Science, Materials Engineering, University of Toronto Convocation, June 20, 2012.

Vancouver towers northwest
Vancouver towers northwest. View towards North Vancouver shore from 27th floor balcony looking northwest. Primary view from Hyatt on this trip is west, so urban view wins over nature. (Vancouver) 20120626 0827

2012/05 Moments, May 2012

Moments, May 2012
Las Vegas, NV; San Jose, CA; Alameda, CA; Palo Alto, CA; Vancouver, BC; Toronto, Ontario.

Opera Las Vegas Venetian
Opera Las Vegas Venetian. Encountered opera in St. Mark’s Square of the Venetian Hotel, Carnevale di Venezia. Arrived in time to hear the singing of Arrivederci. Since I’m not a fan of opera, the last few minutes was enough. (Las Vegas, NV) 20120503 1421
Almaden chair sculptures
Almaden chair sculptures. On walk outside IBM Almaden building with @jimspohrer, art installation of chairs with high backs and singing wires. Better to walk and talk on a warm spring day, than spend the hour in the office (San Jose, CA) 20120504 0957
Oakland runway end
Oakland runway end. Marshes of Alameda at the northwest end of Oakland Airport, with Bay Bridge in the distance. Hotel room has view of jets way taking off, amidst waterfowl nesting below. Was impressed at nearby Victorian homes in Alameda, crossed a lot of bridges to reach hotel. (Alameda, CA) 20120505 0825
SJSU fountain
SJSU fountain. Walked SJSU campus in anticipation of ISSS 2012 in July. Being there surfaces insights that viewing maps online doesn’t. Fountain at the intersection of Paseo de San Carlos and S. 7th St. is a landmark in the middle of campus (San Jose, California) 20120505 1543
Palo Alto Farmers Market
Palo Alto Farmers Market. Mammoth artichokes at California Avenue Farmer’s Market, with @warstrekkid nephew Kevin on an early Sunday morning. Practically everything seems organic, much sourced from Watsonville nearby. Troubles of the world seem so far away. (Palo Alto, California) 20120506 0913
Seabus delay
Seabus delay. Minor delay for Seabus southbound, as tugboat pulls crane past ferry dock. Not exactly the traffic congestion that I experience on the commute back home. (Vancouver, BC) 20120507 1216
Seaplane commute
Seaplane commute. Some had a morning commute by seaplane from the Vancouver Coal Harbour Seaplane Base. I’ll be on the Seabus, later (Vancouver, BC) 20120517 0738
Pine Hills Cemetery
Pine Hills Cemetery. Annual visit of the Low Kong Society to the Ing monument at Pine Hills Cemetery. Usual offering of scotch and burning hell money. I wonder what beverage might be spilled for a non-drinker. (Scarborough, ON) 20120520 1342
Liquid Art Painted Van
Liquid Art Painted Van. Art by @kustaasaksi and @heliosdesignlab for #MolsonM_Art funding @Cdn_Art_Fdn installed on King St. E. parking lot. Theme extends to background mural. Story described in Strategy magazine. (Toronto) 20120523 1845
Liquid Art Mural
Liquid Art Mural. Mural signed by @kustaasaksi as part of #MolsonM_Art funding @Cdn_Art_Fdn installation on King St. E. parking lot. Painted van was added after mural was complated. Story described in Strategy magazine. (Toronto) 20120523 1846

Airport Klezmer
Airport Klezmer on Flickr. Lemon Bucket Orkestra group at baggage claim carrying tuba, guitar, clarinet, etc., starting playing klezmer exiting into arrivals hall at Pearson Airport Terminal 1. Not just one song, they played many. Audience included professional videographers (Toronto) 20120531 2115
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