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2024/05 Moments May 2024

Busy May with art university graduate exhibition, travel to UK seeing Edinburgh, Hull, Manchester, London, returning home for wedding in Lefroy, annual cemetery visits with family, and spending time with extended family in from Chicago.
Toronto, Ontario; Edinburgh, Scotland; Hull, UK; Manchester, UK; London, UK; Lefroy, Ontario

OCAD University
OCAD University: Afternoon showing (2024) Intangible Spaces of nylon organza, polyester plastic brim wire, hanging from ceiling. Inspired by the Japanese concept of Ma, where space between the body and garment are left as a place of energy and spirit. Installation deserves to be featured under better conditions, but is a comprehensive event. (OCADU, McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240503

OCAD University:: Sound installation (2024) Body & Authority with swooshing sounds of the everyday and industrial objects suspended from nails. A reflection of diverse ways in which authority figures exert power and influence over bodies and behaviours. Cached in an alcove amongst the multitude of works. (OCADU, McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240503

Gardiner Expressway
Gardiner Expressway: Stressful Lyft ride, as we blew through the expected 120 minute arrival, and the 90 minute Pearson baggage check, to check in at the 60 minute unofficial baggage minimum. Traffic was stopped dead on Lakeshore Boulevard westbound after Parliament Street for an excruciating long time. Getting to Union Pearson Express would not have been any better, maybe next time we’ll take TTC bus to Bloor-Danforth line, giving up convenience for more predictable travel. (Gardiner Expressway westbound, Toronto, Ontario) 20240508
Modern One
Modern One: Vortex sculpture (1983) Untittled is black pigment on cement, polystyrene and gesso. Whirling energy references Hindu references to masculine and feminine. Gallery is relatively small, with Modern Two across the street temporarily closed for a new exhibition. (National Galleries of Scotland: Modern One, Belford Road, Edinburgh, Scotland) 20250509

Modern One:: Walkthrough of (2016) Corridor-4 Wielandstr 18 + Hub 3rd Floor Union Whart + Corridor-3 Wielandstr 18, made of polyester fabric and stainless steel. Gallery was relatively quiet on a Thursday morning. Part of the Tracing Time exhibition, most of the other works were framed wall hangings of threads embedded in cotton paper. (National Galleries of Scotland: Modern One, Belford Road, Edinburgh, Scotland) 20240509

Library of Mistakes
Library of Mistakes: Making acquaintances @SRUC with @EdinburghLoM, understanding mutual research interests. Resource on business history to better understand financial markets, specifically decisions under uncertainty not only by individuals but collective movements and impacts. Unscheduled visit with the keeper coincided with the conclusion of a 1.5 day intensive class, he was cheerful despite exhaustion. (Library of Mistakes, Melville Street Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland) 20240509

Bell’s Brae Bridge, Dean Village:: A placid view of the Waters of Leith, towards Dean Village, down a steep hill the big hill from New Town. Some fellow visitors out enjoying the sunshine, the neighbourhood is really residential and doesn’t offer tourist features. In town for only two days, not enough time for a walk to follow the path downstream. (Bell’s Brae Bridge, Dean Village, Edinburgh, Scotland) 20240509

Talbot Rice Gallery
Talbot Rice Gallery: Sculpture two stories high (2024) Runners and Vents, repurposes the velvet from the artist’s grandparents’ home. Embroidered symbols on the fabric represent the ducts or channels of lost wax casting that are usually discarded when the bronze is cast. Part of a show from 10 emerging Scottish-based resident artists. (Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh, South Bridge, Edinburgh) 20240510

Waverley Railway Station:: The monument honouring author Sir Walter Scott is directly north of the railway trench into Waverley Station, the second largest rail depot in Britain. Replacing a series of stations from the 1846s, the current structure was built on Princes Street in New Town, and the Old Town uphill, between 1892 and 1902. The tracks are less obvious from Princes Street, since citizens of the late 19th century wanted the trains concealed, and smoke practically out of sight. (Waverley Railway Station, Edinburgh, Scotland) 20240510

Waverley Railway Station
Waverley Railway Station: The Victorian glass dome over the Booking Hall (now Travel Centre) was installed for the reconstruction of the railway station in 1897. Not obvious from the inside is the 2013 refurbishment of glass and iron, complemented by a exterior steel frame with mesh covering to protect the 13 acres of glass roofs. The non-linearity of platform numbering reflects the British tradition of incrementalism that often confuses the modern visitor. (Waverley Railway Station, Edinburgh, Scotland) 20240511

Northumberland on LNER: Comfortable ride at table seats on train from Edinburgh to York transferring to Selby, and finally bus to Hull. We enjoyed meal deals from a station convenience store, including Plant Kitchen Hoisin No Duck, and Tanpopo Chicken Katsu, a major step up from sandwiches still at a modest price. Lots of green pastures for the entire journey, with brief glimpses of the North Sea. (Northumberland, London North Eastern Railway, UK) 20250511

People’s Memorial
People’s Memorial: Silver-coloured globe on the pedestrian mall is covered with names, with a fuller description around the base. The Hull Blitz of WWII in 1941 damaged 95% of the houses, making the city the second-most bombed in Britain. Warm and bright spring day, with few pedestrains in Old Town. (People’s Memorial, Paragon Street, Hull, UK) 20240512

Queen Victoria Square: View spinning around Queen Victoria Square, starting from the west with Hull City Hall, the back of the Queen Victoria statue facing east, Ferens Art Gallery to the south, and then the Punch Hotel to the southwest. The ornate Punch Hotel, first opened in 1846, has a history of a series of landlords, a mysterious death, a murder, and the apprehension of multiple criminals. (Queen Victoria Square, Carr Road, Hull, UK) 20240512

Ferens Art Gallery
Ferens Art Gallery: Tall into second floor of atrium @JASONWILSHERMIL (2020) Jason and his Argonaut substitutes the artist’s wheelchair with sheep that he saw in Dorset. The inflatable sculpture is powered by a small engine in the back. In galleries further along, the Are We There Yet exhibition has more inflatable works, with hearing protectors for those bothered by fans. (Fernes Art Gallery, Queen Victoria Square, Carr Road, Hull, UK) 20240512
Drypool Bridge
Drypool Bridge: Rolling lift bridge of Bascule design first open in 1961 was repainted by Sarah Daniels (2017) Venn Multiple Perspectives. Inspired by logic relations mathematician John Veen, born in Drypool ward in 1934. Pedestrians don’t benefit as drivers travelling from west to east do, in viewing an optical illusion. (Drypool Bridge, over the River Hull, UK) 20240512
University of Hull Art Gallery
University of Hull Art Gallery: Painting + sculpture (2000) Black Square with Elemental Cross + Cross Crate. an artist who came to Hull for art school, and stayed active in arts and education. Counter Points @HARI_HullArts exhibition on many other crosses in mostly monochromatics. Most of gallery is specialized in British art 1890-1940. (Hull University Art Gallery, Cottingham Road, Hull, UK) 20240513
University of Hull
University of Hull: Breakout groups discussing ideas on “Resequencing Systems Thinking: Practising, Theorizing and Philosophizing as Systems Changes Learning”. in an Expert Led Event for the Centre for Systems Studies. About 100 slides covered over 4 hours., in four segments. Recorded audio, and will synch with slides after returning home. (Hul University Business School, Cottingham Road, Hull UK) 20240513
Ambiante Tapas Hull
Ambiante Tapas Hull: Enjoying Spanish-style cuisine while dodging the variety of dietary restrictions discouraging sharing. Exchanged experiences at systems conferences, cultivating of students and community gardens, and stories about eldercare. New possibilities still in progress, taking longer than expected. (Ambiante Tapas Hull, Humber Street, Hull, UK) 20240513
York Railway Station
York Railway Station: Maintaining flexibility in booking trains, the opportunity to meet the longtime friend of a friend came up a few days ago. Between Hull and Manchester, we managed a 3-hour window to meet for an extended lunch meeting at the pub at the station. We may be able to coordinate research interests in the near future. (The Duke of York, York Railway Station, UK) 20240514

Hebden Bridge Railway Station: Transfer time of 18 minutes off a train from York bound for Blackpool, onto another bound for Manchester Victoria. The last leg has been a route served since 1841. Cone-shaped flooring at the end of the platform warns pedestrians not to descend to track level, a style different than putting up a fence. (Hebden Bridge Railway Station, West Yorkshire, UK) 20240514

Manchester Victoria Station: Arrival at northern (and less popular) railway station in Manchester, a 10-minute walk from the hotel we have reserved. The air rights over the tracks were acquired for construction of Manchester Arena in 1995, the largest venue in the UK at that time. Outside the station, the neighbourhood is showing a lot of modern construction in progress, and sections appear to be going under gentrification. (Manchester Victoria Station, UK) 20240514

Manchester Art Gallery
Manchester Art Gallery: Viewing art and talking with , research fellow of philosophy still scribbling after 25 years of retirement. Discussed challlenges of explaining processual philosophy that may be obvious among Chinese scholars, but counter-intuitive to Westerners. Standing in front of panels Wai Yin Society + Julie Mosley (2019) Crossing the Borders, based on oral histories of first generation Chinese immigrants to the Manchester area. (Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester, UK) 20240515
The Whitworth
The Whitworth: In retrospective John Lyons (1960) Self Portrait with Jumbie Bird and Alter Ego, as part of the Carnivalesque exhibition. Spacious venue on university campus, with some galleries currently closed for new shows. Took a break in cafe with to discuss more fine points of Classical Chinese philosophy. (The Whitworth, Oxford Road, Manchester, UK) 20240515

Stafford Railway Station: Transfer point for split fare from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston, with lifts to overhead footbridge, and covered platforms sheltering this rainy day. Large bicycle parking area suggests that locals might be commuting to other places regularly. Heard that an earlier train on a similar route was cancelled due to person on the tracks, maybe unfortunately not sufficiently newsworthy for tv broadcast. (Stafford Railway Station, Staffordshire, UK) 20240516

Gerrard Street, London Chinatown
Gerrard Street, London Chinatown: Paper lanterns at sunset with friends, after a Malaysian dinner, and before Chinese buns and tea for dessert. We’ve been in London but not in years, whereas our friends don’t get into the central city lights so often. The crowds we’ve encountered are denser than the other places we’ve visited on this trip, and bustle seems faster than back home (Gerrard Street, Chinatown, London, UK) 20240516

Farrington Street southbound, approaching Blackfriars Bridge: Riding on the upper floor of a double decker bus in London gives a privileged view of the city. Much preferred over the underground, as crowds contained in metal boxes, riding escalators down and up. Bright spring day, carrying umbrellas for anticipated evening rain. (Farrington Street, London, UK) 20240517

Blackfriars Bridge and South Bank of the Thames River: Descending from the South Blackfriars bus stop, the Thames flows eastward downriver. A little further east, St. Pauls Cathedral is a landmark. Our destination of the Tate Modern was a short walk away. (Blackfriars Bridge, London, UK) 20240517

Tate Modern: In a small end room, Jannis Kounelis (1999) Coal Sculpture with Wall of Coloured Glass invokes the Industrial Revolution. At the left, lumps of naturally occuring glass-like materials are strung together. To the right, the paraffin lamp alludes to the ore mined. (Tate Modern, Bankside, London, UK) 20240517

Tate Modern
Tate Modern: Abstract wall-based composition Leonardo Drew (2016) Number 185 has long slats and logs protruding from a central grid, suggesting the force of nature disrupting the construcdted world. Wood was weathered and painted black to make them appear salvaged. Cycles of decay and regeneration, tensions between order and chaos with implicit reference to African American history. (Tate Modern, Bankside, London) 20240517
Tate Modern
Tate Modern: Found and discarded materials from Ghent-based Pascale Marthine Tayou (2014) Bend Skin Contrevents. A moped hidden in the centre of sculpture, covered by woven baskets, calabashes and gourds. Mopeds in Cameroon are knows as “bend skins” are used to transport cargo. An exploration of mobility, economics, and the environment. (Tate Modern, Bankside, London, UK) 20240517
Tate Britain
Tate Britain: Walking and talking with through galleries of paintings and sculptures, discussing alternative framings of systems changes. Suggested that health systems might be more precisely expressed as health ecosystems, following a contextual world theory of threads alongside threads, rather than an organicist world theory of part into wholes. We will continue dialogue about whether it’s better to try fixing issues in Western philosophy rooted in structuralism, or try yinyang as Classical Chinese philosophy rooted in processualism. In front of Zeinab Saleh (2024) First Morning + (2024) Water Has Memory, both acrylic paintings tracing both fleeting movement and suspended time. (Tate Britain, Millbank, London, UK) 20240517

Paddington Station: Making connection from Hammersmith-Circle line to Elizabeth line takes path through main hall with regional train platforms. Initially going east for destination to the west would have routed via Farringdon station, but our entry at Euston Square with big suitcases was challenged by only a lift to the westbound platform. Usual pattern of taking Piccadilly line to Heathrow has had this new option since opening in 2022, slower but cheaper than Heathrow Express. (Paddington Station, London, UK) 20240518

Three Feathers Terrace
Three Feathers Terrace: Family dressed up for the wedding of the son of a classmate of DY from Seneca College. The provided folding fans were welcomed on the warm spring day. We recognized a few faces, much older now, that we last saw the wedding of the groom’s parents over 30 years ago. (Three Feathers Terrace, Lefroy, Ontario) 20240519

Three Feathers Terrace: Wedding party, after the formal nuptials and photographs have been done, ready to enter the banquet. Our family was honoured to be invited, we’re continuing relationships that were made before the children were born and grew up. After dinner, the DJ selected music that had both young and old on the dance floor, the event seemed practically flawless. (Three Feathers Terrace, Lefroy, Ontario) 20240519

Three Feathers Terrace
Three Feathers Terrace: Wedding party, after the formal nuptials and photographs have been done, ready to enter the banquet. Our family was honoured to be invited, we’re continuing relationships that were made before the children were born and grew up. After dinner, the DJ selected music that had both young and old on the dance floor, the event seemed practically flawless. (Three Feathers Terrace, Lefroy, Ontario) 20240519

Mount Pleasant Cemetery: Annual cemetery visit saw more intensive gardening this year, as grandfather requested the overgrown perennial day lilies be cut back. In addition, the shrub was overgrown, and needed to be cut back. Flowers not yet in bloom were pulled out, to be relocated for a residential home. (Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario) 20240520

Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery: With impatiens annual plants replacing the perennials, we burned hell money and lit incense sticks. Leisurely lunch on a sunny day included roast duck, bbq pork, noodles, green beans, sushi, inari and tangerines. We missed the Lowkong Society event the day before due to attending a wedding, so we visited on the Victoria Day holiday. (Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario) 20240520
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery: Following the practice of my mother, the extended visit to the Ing side also included a quck stop to respec the maternal lineage of the Lee family. Planted an impatiens annual, and lit incense. Lee site is two roads south and little bit further east of the Ing site. (Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario) 20240520

Pine Hills Cemetery: At second cemetery of the day, removing more overgrown perennial day lilies, to be replanted at home residence. Ground in front of gravestone is a shallow, with a hard surface. Shade from trees to the south provided some relief from sun in the late afternoon. (Pine Hills Cemetery, Birchmount Road, Toronto, Ontario) 2040520

Pine Hills Cemetery
Pine Hills Cemetery: After overgrown perennial day lilies removed, added annual impatiens plants. Burned hell money and lit incense. It’s been 10 years since my son’s paternal grandmother passed, they were old enough to remember her. (Pine Hills Cemetery, Birchmount Road, Toronto, Ontario) 2040520
Delta Hotels Toronto
Delta Hotels Toronto: Hanging out on the 46th floor club lounge for the afternoon, watching planes landing, and boats shuttling over from the island. Respite from the many well-wishers for husband CC being honoured today with a lifetime achievement award. Time flies since we first met in 1980, with their children now over 50 years in age, with children of their own. (Delta Hotels Toronto, Lower Simcoe Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240524

Ricardas: Opportunity to share family wedding photos, at the Farewell Sequin and Sneaker Ball of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry annual meeting. Shook hands with many luminaries of the profession, later seen on stage accepting awards. Fortunate coincidence to have extended family come in from Chicago, while we’re locals to this city. (Ricarda’s Event Venue, Peter Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240526

Ricardas: An opportunity to visit with extended family visiting from Chicago. Honoured to attend as guests of the 2024 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Busy crowd in the front atrium at the farewell event for the conference. Outgoing president had cheerleaders wearing North Carolinap colors. (Ricarda’s Event Venue, Peter Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240525

Distillery District : Snippet of @RobertLeeMusic bass, @AllisonAu sax, @jayyooguitar192 guitar, @andrewmccarthy8195 drums, from first public performance of Daffodil. Afternoon performance on the Trinity Stage as part of the Bourbon Street North Festival. Arrived to the performance as the rain stopped, with an attendant squeegeeing the benches. (Distillery District, Mill Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20240527

Power Plant Gallery: Embassy exhibition inspired by features of historical American consular offices by Terence Gower. To the left, (2024) Facade (Transparent) is suspended stainless steel and aircraft cable, following an unrealized 1958 Cold War design directive for the ample use of glass and transparency,. To the right, (2012) Baghdad Screen of pleated cedar veneer plywood based on the roof form the 1960 ambassador’s residence. (Power Plant Gallery, Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario) 20240530

Power Plant Gallery: Witness exhibition by June Clark, room with (1997) Harlem Quilt of 300 photographs of street life, transferred onto scraps from a thrift store, each individually lit by a single light bulb. Community portraits are a tribute to the people who called the neighbourhood home, forming memories of that time. Toronto-based artist who immigrated from New York, returning temporarily after 28 years for an artists residency. (Power Plant Gallery, Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario) 20240530

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