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2007/02/04 Superbowl party

Posted on February 04, 2007 by daviding

In what has become an annual tradition — I think that we’ve come at least five times — Rollie and Teresa host a Superbowl party at their house. We seem to always arrive around the time that Rollie is trying to keeping warm in front of the barbeque.

Barbequing in the winter

At the same time, Teresa greets the guests and serves drinks.

Drinks in the kitchen

There’s usually some snacking before dinner.


Upstairs, there’ a big screen tv with the pre-game show on …

Pre-game on the big screen tv

… with some seats more choice than others.

Tv viewers

A central feature of the evening is, of course, the food. It’s not that having hamburgers is that unusual, but Teresa makes a special trip to a butcher out of town for some choice meat.

Superbowl buffet

For those who don’t want to watch the Superbowl, there’s always the alternative tv!

Superbowl non-watching

Our families are always running such busy lives, that the annual Superbowl party is the one event that we seem to plan for. It’s become our regular good excuse to catch up on news.

2 to “2007/02/04 Superbowl party”

  1. kensek says:

    It’s always refreshing to read about a Superbowl party after a hard day of skiing, on March 18 😉

  2. Rollie Sing says:

    Hi David – thanks for the post. Nice pictures, too. It’s always a pleasure having you all over. PS – you forgot to mention how cold it was when I was outside barbecuing. -15 C, -27 with the wind chill! Brrrr.

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