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2006/09/18 Seeing friends in Claremont, California

Posted on September 18, 2006 by daviding

Since I’m back on the road again, I can try to take advantage of seeing people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet in my regular life. In this case, I was near Pomona, and I had heard that Lynn was coming in from Hawaii. She, Todd and Len suggested that we might meet in nearby Claremont

Lynn thought that Len should think about the office for his next career away from the university, so we stopped by an office for rent on the main street in Claremont.


Claremont seems like a nice little California town, with a main street rather than the typical suburban mall.


Most people may not have hear of Claremont, but it’s rather famous for business readers as Peter Drucker’s home base.

We decided to have Chinese food for dinner, and I got back to the hotel almost early enough to stay in Eastern Time.

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  1. Wow. There we are. Except David’s not in the picture!
    Len never did rent the space, but I hear another space in the same building is coming up–the perfect place for the future home of a new systems institute.

    Len Troncale’s Comparative Systems Analysis class has been meeting by phone on Fridays this term and is soon over. The next term starts again in January. It’s highly recommended for anyone interested in systems studies, whether a beginner or seasoned practitioner. Contact him at Cal Poly Pomona if you’re interested!

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