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2007/07/14 Ossington: Indo-Chyna, MoCCA

Posted on July 14, 2007 by daviding

Greg and I spent most of the Saturday morning writing. As a reward for this effort, we scheduled a relaxing lunch in the Art and Design District around lower Ossington. Diana came home after some errands, and we found that Indira and Sonja had already camped out at Indo-Chyna. They had arrived a bit early, and walked around to various restaurants, chatting to the owners who had not opened the venue many months before.


The restaurant served a mix of Vietnamese and Thai dishes — some that we had never had before. After lunch, we dropped Sonja (and her bicycle) at her apartment, and then returned to the neighbourhood. While Indira and Greg went shopping for lingerie, Diana and I went to the Edward Day Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.


The show that was running was LoVe/HaTe, with pieces such as this sculpture by Mike Murphy.

Mike Murphy sculpture at MoCCA

I’m getting tired of working on weekends … so brief respites like this help to re-energize me.

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  1. Pierreo says:

    OK. I realise that a picture is not the best way to view and appreciate “art”. And this is just me talking – offering my own opinion, not a universal truth…
    However, the more I see some ‘modern’ art, the more I wonder who gets to decide what is and what is not art. Why is it that some people can get away with a pile a ‘junk’ and call it art, and if I were to do that, I would be accused of littering? I admit, there must be something crucial that I am missing here.
    Is this the same as in music, the difference between the “Bay City Rollers” and the “Beatles”? I know I am dating myself in saying that, but the “Rollers” were extremely popular for 3-4 years and than totally dissapeared, while the “Beatles” … well we know about them.

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