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Over on Rachel and Jeff’s farm, Rafu and Rulle went into the barn to see the tractors.


The boys were a bit shy about climbing up into the cab of the tractor.


I went outside the barn to look at the cows … and be looked it. I moved slowly towards them, and a few cows were curious, but the herd as a whole was rather skittish.


Rachel hosted us for a dinner of Iowa beef. Marianne baked some croissants.


Meat, potatoes and salad were served as a buffet.


The boys were active during the meal, but starting succumbing to jet lag after dinner.


We were supposed to spend another day at the farm, but the forecast of an approaching winter storm led us to choose to fly out one day earlier. We didn’t get the maximum opportunity to talk about how the farm operates as a business, so I may have to schedule a return visit some day.

February 15th, 2008

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