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2007/07/25 Kyoto Station

Posted on July 25, 2007 by daviding

When Diana and I came into Kyoto, it was on the Hankyu line, which is subway-like rather than train-like. The guidebooks list Kyoto Station — where Japan Rail would have dropped us — as a sight, so we went over. The most prominent attraction is the long series of elevators up to the top floor.


At the top is Happy Terrace. A very little bit of greenery.


The top floor provides overlooks of the city, but the plexiglass is extra-thick. Here’s the view north (with lots of reflections in the window).


The ride back down shows the roof covering the central station area. On the left is entries to various floors of the department store, and on the right are little shops, including a fast-food mall.


Halfway down the escalators is a stage area, but there weren’t any performances that day. I assume that spectators would sit on the stairs to the right of the escalator, giving clear views.


This section of the train station is close to some Japan Rail lines. For the Hankyu lines (e.g. to Nara) and the Shinkansen (bullet train) lines, there’s a farther walk to the south side of the station (pictured towards the right) up and down a few levels.

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3 to “2007/07/25 Kyoto Station”

  1. Pierreo says:

    I never thought of the Kyoto train station as a tourist attraction. I have been through it q few times, and failed, I guess, to open my eyes in the way that you did. I think I always arrived and leftusing the subway and therefore did not see the staircase and the upper floors. A few times, I actually got lost and had absolutely no ideas which side I was on, and where I needed to go. However, I think there are much better places to visit in Kyoto, and I am looking forward to finding out where else you went.

  2. eric says:

    i want to go to japan one day, it looks so much prettier than beijing

  3. Ashe says:

    I remember climbing those stairs… They had a really nice “natural sandwich” shop in the middle somewhere. Didn’t go into the clothing stores, though…

    Ahhhh, good memories. The best part was when it started raining…

    Question: I know that there are drains (like every ten feet) but where does that water go?

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