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2008/03/04 Hakozaki park and offices, Tokyo

After a morning visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, I rode the metro west one stop back over the Sumida River to Suitengumae. While I was looking for the office for a business meeting in Hakozaki, I found a mom-and-pop beef bowl restaurant for lunch. I noticed that some people took their lunches to the park for lunch.


From the park looking east, the river must be behind the office tower. The area is pretty much all high-rise.


Just to left is a plaza, with a few coffee shops and a travel agent. More office towers are visible in the background.


After my meeting, I noticed the gardening at the front of the building, and down the walk. Very orderly.


At the office, I was amused at stickers with the equivalent of a smiley face inside the elevators. I was told that customers had given feedback that everyone seemed too serious inside the building. Thus, employees were reminded to lighten up a bit, and smile!

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