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2008/09/08 Beverley, Yorkshire

Beverley — a market town, with a long history in Yorkshire — is where some of the professors at the University of Hull live.  After a day in seminars, we chose the town as a destination for drinks and dinner.  There’s been a market cross in Beverley since the 1700s, although the current structure must have been constructed more recently.


The market only happens on Saturday morning, so the space is a parking lot for the rest of the week.


The street named Toll Gavel may have been where road charges were paid in the 13th century.


As is common in most small British towns, stores don’t open late.  Window shopping is the only option.


Down Ladygate is a glimpse of the Beverley Minster.


Sow Hill Road has buildings built almost up to the edge of the narrow one-way street.


Walking past the bus station, we found the White Horse Inn, which seems to be a neighbourhood institution.


It would be hard to describe a pub as more traditional, as we had our drinks by gaslight.


I don’t often join colleagues for drinks at the pub.  In Beverley, there’s atmosphere beyond the beverages.

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